What we really need for the economy is less outsourcing and importing and more exporting. Our entire economy seems to be based on this notion of quantity over quality, a belief that not only affects the state of the economy, but also our entire style and quality of life in the US. I'm sure you've all noticed that we not only have a problem with a loss of jobs, but we also have a problem with the amount of waste we produce as well. Believe it or not, everything you throw away goes somewhere, and the majority doesn't rot away back into the soil, as you'd hope. This is due to the cheap, inexpensive, and incredibly damaging materials our business sector uses overseas to manufacture the items found in almost every major store in the US. I know this dead horse has already been beaten to death a few times over, but we need a change in lifestyle, and that change has to be put into effect first and foremost into the way our companies run. Now I may be out of line, but I propose that a greater tax on our imports and tighter grip on welfare could begin to affect this change. Why welfare? Because this will also affect the illegal immigration problem we're facing. Full background checks on undocumented workers can disqualify these people for welfare and our tax money, create government jobs (We're already in debt; what's a little more?) and spur immigrants to either go elsewhere or demand higher wages, leading to a more equal opportunity hiring scheme (not just hiring a bunch of indentured servants you can pay 5 dollars an hour to clean your house. They're people too, dammit). Hopefully, this will spur companies to start focusing on the quality of their products to make sales again, making them less likely to break, and less waste in the garbage heaps. Now obviously there are bound to be some holes in my argument, so I invite people to argue with me. Seriously guys, we need some form of solution.