There were two outstanding things about my new neighbour:



I didn't hear the loud rumble of the moving truck that drove up my street and parked next to my house. I was in the shower.

Kibbles, my cat started scratching the bathroom door, an annoying habit he always did when he was hungry. Let me say one thing about Kibbles: he adores me. He hates other people toughing him and feeding him and so on, that aren't me. Which, if you think about it, its weird for a cat… You know, how they like to be petted and shit. Anyway, so me, being the affectionate cat lover, quickly finished my shower, and wrapped myself in the only towel I could find, a barney and friends one, and grabbed his kitty food, and went out onto the front porch to feed her.

My street is one of those quiet ones that you rarely ever see any people on, which is why I thought it perfectly fine to just walk out in my towel.

But on this particular day luck was not on my side. The noise of a door opening as I was feeding my beloved Kibbles alerted me to the fact that I was not alone.

I looked up, my wet hair drooping around my face, and saw an amazingly attractive guy looking at me with a smirk on his face, standing by a beaten up Volvo. Shit. I was wrapped in nothing but a towel. I stared at him for a bit, as if comprehending what was going on. He had blue eyes and short chocolaty brown hair. He had a tattoo on one shoulder. Something in Chinese. Then I remembered. Awkward…

"Piss of, pervert!" I yelled at him, and gave him the finger.

He closed the door or his, ahem – car, and said, quite politely back to me, "That's no way to speak to your new next door neighbour" and then laughed, ignoring me, and went into "his" house.

What a jerk. Pity he was a hottie though.


It was a hot night. I was restless. I had spent half an hour tossing and turning in my bed, trying to sleep. Then it hit me!

When I was a little girl mum had always told me when I couldn't sleep, "Now Quinn, just drink a little water and rub some on your wrists. You'll get to sleep…"

Now, at 17, I didn't believe it, but it was better than lying aimlessly in bed and resorting to counting sheep. Who knows, I might even feel like a bit of chocolate and checking facebook.

I walked into the kitchen, and poured myself some water from the tap, drank some, and tried my mum's weird voodoo water hypnosis thingo. I didn't feel anymore sleepy, but it felt nice, rubbing water into my wrists. Oh well, worth a try. I grabbed some chocolate, which had slightly melted in the heat of the night, and trudged back onto my room, and opened the windo-

There was a car light on in my street.

A familiar (jerk) figure of the new douche that had moved in just across the street was walking towards the car, parked right outside of his house, and the guy in the car looked shifty. Real shifty. Well, I think he would have. It was like fricking 2 in the morning!

I was monsieur douche from next door lean over and talk to the man for a few seconds, and hand over a small baggy thing, and the car driver shifty guy give him something in return.





Holy mother of G-


There were two outstanding things about my new neighbour:

He had seen my barney towel

And he was a drug dealer!

Authors Note:

What do you guys think? I just want to see if this story idea gets some positive feedback before I write any more.