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Vianna Orchidia (c) 2010

An Original Fiction

Supernatural, K+

Warning: implicit chara death, quick plot, title does not relate


Alyssa gripped the edge of her car's steer. Her knuckles paled as blood drained from her hands. She couldn't concentrate on the road, and bells from other cars hurt her ears.

"Alyssa, calm down!" her friend – or foe? – warned her, fear stings in her voice. "I don't want to die here, in your hands!"

"Oh, but I would love to kill you," Alyssa slowly – angrily – muttered back. Her eyes flashed with anger, though a tint of hesitation and confusion also danced there.

"It's not my fault, okay? That boy came to me, asked if I would go out with him, and I merely agreed! So don't blame me!"

"And I thought you knew I liked him?"

Silence reappeared as her friend shrunk in the corner of her words.

"Soraya," her voice was calm. Dangerously calm. Indeed she seemed very collected, but in truth, her mind was hazy and blur. A siren pushed her back to reality, and she threw the steer forcefully to a side, while Soraya screamed of fear.

"Alyssa, you wish to kill us both? !"

"Shut up." A sweat dropped from her forehead. "Just shut up, until we arrive at Hell."

"Hell?" Soraya exclaimed. "I don't want to die, yet!!"

"Too bad." A dark chuckle escaped from Alyssa's lips. "You mess with me, and the Gate of Hell is open for you."

"Who are you, to say something like that?" Soraya asked, hysterical.

Alyssa then smirked rather evilly – mysteriously – despite the small chaos she caused in the road. She released her grip on the steer and turned to Soraya – who was freaking out –.

"Alyssa!! Alyssa, watch it!"

"Soraya, actually I wanted to erase this side of me, but... You forced me to take it back."


Alyssa was leaning closer to her, leaving the steer go wild. "I, as the Messenger of Death, am free to take one's life. Easily," she added.

Words had left Soraya, and she just stared back to Alyssa in fear – but also in awe – since Alyssa's appearance had changed. Her hair turned red, so did her eyes – shining like a pair of rubies –. Her lips, bloody red, curved into an evil smile. She cupped Soraya's face, then whispered to her ear sweetly.

"You're dead."

And as she said that, the Gate of Hell opened up, sucking Soraya's life away.

About a minute later, a lady in red robe, with shining red eyes, left a car which had struck a big tree. Her smile did not waver as the silhouette of another woman emerged from the car, lumping lifelessly in the corner.

"Sleep tight, my dear~"


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