Vianna Orchidia (c) 2010

An Original Fiction

Romance/Drama, T

Warning: fluff everywhere, kissing scene


It was a nice noon, not hot and full of breeze. The best time to have picnic, but since it was kinda busy at their home, they couldn't. Instead, Aishvera took a stroll around the backyard of her family's mansion. Then a familiar voice called out her name.


She turned around, smiling, to see her only sibling – her twin – running rather hurriedly to her side. He panted a little, looked like he had run a long way around.

"What is it, Vai?" she asked as she took his hand, guiding him to a nearby bench.

"Vera, look, this is one serious matter." Vaizard inhaled before continuing. "Father's arranged your marriage!"

Taken by surprise, Aishvera stunned. She absent-mindedly combing her long silver hair using her fingers. "...A marriage arrangement?"

"Yes!" he nodded.

"....but, why? Why so sudden?"

Vaizard put a disgusted expression. "It isn't, Vera. You – I mean, we – are going sixteen in a week. It's time for you to have husband."

"No! I..." Vera paused, collecting words from her blank mind. "I don't want to marry anyone..."

" that's a surprise. Why not, my dear Vera?" he asked softly with his arms encircling her shoulder, palm rubbing her cheek slowly. A gentle smile appeared on his face. Deep inside his heart, he... hoped. A little. That her reason would be... him. But that would be a sin, wouldn't it? They are twins. No matter what, he was just her twin, and he had absoltely no right to demand her to refuse the marriage.

Aishvera looked down, to her fingers which was playing with the hem of her dress. She hesitated a while. Until she finally spoke, "Because... there's someone I want to marry."

"Someone you love?"

"Yes... Someone I'd die to marry with," she blushed.

Vaizard's heart was in such pain. 'So there is someone she loves...,'he thought sadly. 'I know I'd never be her prince.' Despite his despair, he still smiled sweetly, and asked again, "Then why don't you tell Father? Ask him to let you marry that man."

Aishvera shook her head in a weak and helpless manner. "No... Father will not allow me. Never."

A frown emerged on Vaizard's forehead. "You're confusing me, dear Vera. Why not? He's from another country? He has lower social status? Or what?"

" He's a very fine man. Nothing lacks from him. A perfect one."

His heart ached again as he thought, 'Such perfect man... I'm not even comparable.' He wanted to ball his knuckle into a fist, but that would hurt his dear Vera, since he was still holding her shoulder. But he didn't dare to let go either. He was afraid Vera would be out of his reach once he let go. So in the end, he didn't do anything. He kept silent, carving her words right onto his heart, letting the pain linger. But no, he wasn't going to let his feelings get the better of him, because Vera would only get hurt. And he did not wish it to happen. Not to Aishvera, the one he had spent his lifetime with – literally –.

"Vai? You okay?"

"Ah!" the man was sent back to reality. "Yes, I am. I was... dozing off. That's all."

Aishvera chuckled softly. "That's rare of you to doze off. What were you thinking?"

"Haha, as expected from my twin, you know me well!" Vaizard stood up, pretending to stretch his body while actually he felt irony in his words. "Nothing much, dear sister. Just gotta get some sleep."

"In the mid of day?" she asked rather amused.

He shrugged nonchalantly. "No problem with it, right?"

Aishvera stood up too, and hugged him briefly, planting a peck on his cheek. "Nice dreams, Vaizard," she whispered in a low voice, with a warm smile lingering on her face. The man was a little startled, but kissed her back anyway.


Vaizard just woke up in the afternoon, and soon he heard something breaks on the first floor. He quickly got dressed, glanced at the mirror to check on his appearance, then exited his room, to the living room.

"Father! I do not accept the marriage!"

"Aishvera, you are a nice kid, aren't you? You should obey me!"

"No, Father. I have been a nice kid. Now time for me to rebel against you."

Vaizard was taken aback by his twin's words. She, the most obedient girl he ever knew, took her time rebelling against their father now? What could have gotten into her? Then he suddenly remembered their conversation earlier, in the backyard. It's all because of a man she's rather die to marry with! He gritted his teeth, trying to hold back a hiss. He inhaled a while, before deciding to appear before his twin and father.

"Aishvera, Father. What were you talking about? I heard a glass shatter even from my room," he said, announcing his presence.

His father looked a little relieved to see his son there. "Ah, Vaizard. You see, your twin is having a hard time. She keeps refusing the marriage proposal from any man available."

Vaizard turned his glance to Aishvera, who was looking away, hiding her face from him. "Vera?" he called out. "I understand your reason to refuse, but... would you not reconsider? It is not nice to break things in the presence of Father, okay?"

"I don't need your advice, Vai. Not this one," she replied with a dry voice, rather like choking it out.

"Don't say that," he muttered, taking a few steps closer to her. "You can tell me anything, you know? I'll listen. I'll give you my opinion. Vera...," he paused because she shook her head slightly. "Stop this childish act. You're hurting Father."

"...I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Father. I just can't. I...," a tear slid down her cheek. "Can't."

Their father was staring at them, confused. Vaizard explained to him about Aishvera's reason. Her problem. Everything. And she did not object anyway. Their father nodded in understanding. "Aishvera," he said. "My dear daughter. If that's the case, you should have told me! I shall grant any of your wish, as you have done well granting all my wish until now."

She, with tears still visible on her cheek, looked up to him. Unbelieving. "Are you... sure?"


"You're really, really serious, Father? " her voice was full of excitement that it made Vaizard chuckle.

Her father nodded.

Aishvera practically jumped off to him and hugged him tightly. "Oh, Father! I do not ask for many, I just... Do you mind taking an oath then? That you will grant my wish n this matter? This matter only, don't worry."

With a gentle smile he hugged her back. "It's an oath."

She was, like, beaming of happiness. Her tears were gone, replaced by a big smile along with some strand of blush. "Thank you! Thank you!"

However... her moment of happiness was the moment of bitterness for Vaizard. He smiled lightly – sadly – at the thought of her marrying someone... Not him. No, it's never going to happen. He felt disgusted at himself. Why would he be sad and angry with this? He should be happy too, cheer her or something, to show how much he care for that sister of his!

But he couldn't. Even his smile was bitter.

"Aishvera, congratulations," he said, slight disappointment in his voice. "Now you can pursue your happiness."

"Oh, Vai, I should thank you too... I—"

"So I guess it's goodbye too."

She stunned. "Wha.... what do you mean?" she asked. With fear, if he might add.

Vaizard scratched the back of his head. "Well... You're going to be someone's wife right? We can't stick together anymore," he tried to say it most cheerfully. "So..."


Vaizard fell down the floor as she lunged into him, she now was on top of him. He was very very startled with the word she just said, but got even more startled by her next action.

Yes, she kissed him.

She locked her lips onto his, making him moan slightly with disbelief. She tasted nice – sweet, soft and moist –. He wanted to enjoy it so much, but his logic got him better. This was a sin. It was wrong. So he placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her away – half-hearted since he had always longed for her – and kept the distance.


She was touching her lips timidly. Her eyes full with emotion he couldn't describe. "....I have... always wanted to do this," she muttered.

His eyes widened. "....What?"

She continued muttering (oh and don't forget that she was still straddling him), "You dumbass... You ARE the one I want to marry so much... You, and only you... Even though we are connected by blood... I love you, Vaizard. The way you'd never expect before."

Actually Vaizard wanted to laugh, and say this was very entertaining joke, but his tongue did not move at all. She... loved him? Like the way he loved her? Was that why she kissed him?

"...You must be disgusted with me now," she said lowly, tears in her eyes. "We are sibling yet... I..."

That snapped Vaizard back to world. He had never been able to stand her tears, and even now. "Aishvera, I am not."

"No way."

"It's true. Let me tell you this," he pulled her head closer to him until he could see her blush clearly. "I've been in love with you too. The way you love me. ....I dare say, even more."

Now her eyes began to wide. Disbelief was one word she could use. "No... way..."

"You don't believe me? Have I ever lied to you, Vera?"

"No, I know you haven't, but... It's just unbelievable."

"Now you know what I felt when you kissed me," he said, making her giggle softly. "...Want some prove?"

Her blush reddened, even visible. "N—no, I believe you. It's better if we... explain things to Father," she shrugged to their stunned father. He was pale as paper, and mouth agape. Vaizard blushed a little too. Both of them stood up shyly, realizing that Father was there when they kissed.

"Um, Father...," Aishvera said. "You okay?"

"...Tell me, my dear daughter. The man you would like to marry... is..."

"Yes, Father," she nodded. "Vaizard."

He sighed. He looked really old when he sighed like that, and Vera disliked it. "I have my oath, so I will not deny your wish... But, are you sure? You wouldn't reconsider, even though you know well what will public say about this?"

"I do know, Father, and thus I apologize for the burden you may receive on you name, which is caused by me. But... this has been my wish for a long time... I'm not going to just forget it. I really am sorry, Father..."

"I must apologize too, Father. For having this feeling...," Vaizard added quickly.

"No, no. Loving someone, whoever it is, is not a sin. Never apologize for it," their father replied wisely. "As long as you two are happy, I have no complaint."

The three of them shared smiles, and they hugged each other tightly, enjoying their short family-time together.


Weird names there XD. But I like it. And as you may guess, I like incest relationship (in this case, twincest), the conflicts it has are just very entertaining :P

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