"Are you sure that its this house?"

"Yeah, I'm sure." the voice answered firm and unwavering.

"But the address says that its the neighboring house."

"Don't doubt me on this! I'm the one that you called for this, right?"

"That's correct, but. . ."

"Oh, come on, Dally! Even though you are my senior in this, I am still the one that was assigned this mission! You're just here because you always butt into my business!"

"I do not, Lila! I'm here because the Director told me to follow you and prevent you from doing anything reckless!" the voice, Dally, answered dignified.

"Don't kid with me, Dally! I know that the only reason that you were even allowed to go was because you basically begged for it! And you used all of your connections just to follow me on this mission!" Lila remarked sharply as she knocked on the door. Dally remained silent.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" a light went on inside the house.