Title: Changes

Rated: T for now than M.

Warnings: Sexual encounters, Rape, Violence, Character Death, Bestiality, Swearing.

Supernatural/ Hurt/Comfort/Romance/ Tradegy

Their lips met under the light of the full moon. His tongue separated her lips from his. They were on top of the roof having a picnic under the stars.

"This is so romantic," she said. "I love it."

"I knew you would like it." He said.

He put his hands in her hair. She whispered in his ear. They were having much fun before he left with his dad on a camping trip. She let out a loud giggle as she looked up a star flying over head, but her face fell as she noticed the moon rising high in the sky. She felt a change in her hands. She looked down at her hands and saw red fur. She nervously hid her hand under her jacket. He looked at his watch and scowled.

"Damn it, it's almost ten. I better go." he said.

"Mark, don't go." But her voice began to become raspy so she closed her mouth shut. He had to leave on his dad would start come looking for him. He did not like her. Not like her at all.

"I have too, Sara. I'll be back for our anniversary." He smiled and kissed Sara on her cheek. She lit up a small smile as she watched Mark pull back, turn around and jump down from the roof. He landed on his feet and smiled at her one more time before running away.

Sara listened with her ears before she jumped down in slid into her bedroom window. She felt her claws grow out and she slashed out into the air. She would have to control herself. She would have too. She slowly limped herself into her bathroom as she felt her legs snap, her bones crack. She snatched off her clothes and stepped into her bathtub, turning on the shower-head with her claws. The water hit her skin hot and she shivered under the contact, taking a deep breath before she let out a hiss. It was her breast and the fur was slowly shedding away. The transformation was stopped for that one second.

As long as she was in the water.

Sara believed if she washed herself in water while changing it would stop the process or slow it down.

Since she caught it in the middle, it would slow down.

The moon kept coming back every night so she would have to soak in hot water before she changed it to cold. It prevented the process for a lil bit.

Sara lost herself in her thoughts about Mark as she ran her fingers over her body, letting the water go everywhere, not even caring to notice that her front door was opening. She only noticed when she heard footsteps. She shook her head and shouted out:

"I'm here. It's just me." She heard feet leave the room and close the door.

She pictured Mark coming back and him in her bed, them making love since they never had. She thought about him on her and he kissing her while the full moon was out and that she wouldn't change. She smiled at the thought and began to feel butterflies flying around in her stomach. She bit her lip and turned around, balancing herself on one leg as she rose the other one, so the water hit everywhere.

She continued to think about Mark, lost herself in her thoughts, forgetting about the person that was still in the bathroom with her. She didn't notice HIM until he wrapped his arms around her body. She jumped in his arms and his scent ran all over her nose. Her body tingled at the thought.

She felt breathing against her neck. Than hands cupped her breast. She looked down at said hands and saw a tarantula tattoo. She knew who it was.

"Felix, get out." she hissed. She placed her leg back down and brought it back to kick him but he blocked it with his knee.

"That's not fun, now is it." Felix chuckled as he teased her.

He turned her around so fast she got dizzy. She looked at him in his eyes. Her gray eyes filling with furry. Her red hair becoming wet from the shower.

"Don't look like that. He'll be back, sweetheart." He had a little anger in his voice.

"What the hell. Where you listening to our conversation?"

"Maybe." Felix rolled his blue eyes and shook his head. "You aren't going to do anything about it, are you?"

He slammed her against the wall. Sara liked it when guys did that, so she let out a silent gasp. Her back arched as Felix stepped closer to her. His pale skin was getting wet from the shower, his claws were tapping against the tile wall behind her. Felix smiled and his fangs lengthen. Sara squeezed her thighs together.

"You know you shouldn't be with the humans." He whispered. His tongue licked across his lips.

"Why, do you care? Go be with women your own age." She spat back, having an urge to push him back and pummel his face in.

"I hate them. They are weak and foolish. Easily controlled. I like a girl like you."

Sara bit her lip. She wasn't sure what to say about that. He had her there. Sara was strong and didn't follow the man. She was a unique individual. It's how she caught Mark....and Felix.

Felix let her go and she sat down, her back sliding down the cold wall as she sat down on the hot floor. She watched as Felix took his shower, admiring his back for his spider tattoos that seemed too realistic. The spiders ran down his back like running away from him.

Her stomach ached with pain as her bones shifted around in her body. She let out a silent scream and she shook her head, fighting back the urge.

Her she-wolf wanted to mate with Felix's wolf.

Sara hated that about herself.

She always had to be around him when she was changing.

As if he knew.

Felix chuckled under the water as he sat down beside Sara. He smiled and his fangs were residing in size now.

"Tell me who you miss, Sara?"

She tried to fight it back but her wolf side had already won.

"You." Her voice was getting deeper and darker and she crashed on top of him. Her tongue licking across his face as she ran her hands over his body as he ran his over hers.

She was disgusted with herself but she had to continue. Either do this or kill someone.

The Council would put her down if she had a chance to stop it and she didn't take it.

"Sara...you'll always be what we are. We are made for each other. The shadow always comes back to the dark."

Sara nodded her head and a tear drop fell down her eye. She shook her head and her gray eyes became darker as she let Felix be one with her.

Moans and loud grunts filled the bathroom.

First Werewolf story.

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