Author's Note:

Hey all. This is Cee.

No, I am not abandoning this story. I just realized that this work of mine is kind of crappy. (At least from my point of view.) I believe that I can possibly write better than this.

There are parts and scenes that come off to me as choppy and there are a lot of things that aren't explained well. I do believe that sometimes, Madeline seems to be a five year old instead of nineteen. I mean yes, it's part of her character to be immature but I need to set some limits.

There is also the "Brett" Issue. No, I am not writing him off of my story. Instead, I'll be changing quite a few things with his character starting with his name. Let's be honest: Brett Brian Beverly Basted is a horrible, horrible name. I don't know what force of nature made me come up of that name. Really.

So yes, I've taken down the chapters so that I could reread them and try to mold them into better ones. ;)

There won't be any major rewrites or plot changes.

Anyway, the chapters will be posted again in a few days. I hope that you would wait for them. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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