Thanks to my friends Jj Smith, Emily, and Opalstar45, Cherry.

Chapter 1: The Necklace

France was at war with Japan. Japan had sent in 50 bombs and 70 atom bombs. The bombs went off all around France. Everyone was being evacuated. Prisoners, civilians, even the hobos. Everyone but the doctors, spectators, and me in this small laboratory. I was in the laboratory being tested on. They were taking some of my blood and transferring it with all kind of different animals, mostly bird, hoping I could become a shape shifter. Mostly, all it did was cause me pain. I just hoped I would die, but for some reason I didn't. I looked over at the spectators. Originally, there were fifty-something people,now only five were left and they were running. There was this big hole in the side of the wall. A bomb had destroyed the entire left wing. Apparently, the doctors looked over when I did, and saw the same thing.

"Should we continue?" one nurse asked.

"Yes," the doctor said.

So your going to make me go through all this pain, just for all of us to die? I thought.

There was another big boom that sounded like it had come from the storage compartment. A bomb had landed there. The only person that was in there came running out on fire. The doctors put out really quick, so he didn't die, although he did have 3rd degree burns on 40% of his body. There was another boom and this one was on top of us. The doctors ran away, but left me to die. It was an atom bomb now. The doctors didn't escape in time, but since they had all these chemicals in the lab, the atoms mixed with the chemicals and them, which resulted in the just becoming this one blob. They all started moving, and of all things, this sponge was laying on the ground. They touched it and was sucked into it.

All while this was happening, I could feel this heat on my body. The blood was mixing with the chemicals. I was turning into this bird thing, then a dog, then a turtle. I couldn't stop turning into all kinds of animals. Lastly, I turned into a Bird of Paradise, right when this metal beam came down and touched me. There was this flash. Then, I was lost forever in this necklace thing, left to decompose in the dust of what was left of France.

I was traveling in the plane with all these scholars. We had decided to go on a trip to France to see what treasures we could find. I thought we would never find anything, but no one believed me. Who would find anything? France was destroyed by 50 bombs and 70 atom bombs. Who would find anything?

"Emily?" I turned. It was Drey. He was my best friend. We had been together since Kindergarten. We made the same grades. Had the same classes together. People thought we shared each others' brains. I just thought of us as friends, but you could tell he had a crush on me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What do you think we'll find?"

"Nothing," I answered. "Absolutely, nothing."

"Why do you think that?"

"One hundred and thirty bombs."

"Oh!" That was his make-out voice. I had heard it before with his other girls, although this one was more dramatic. This was mostly how you could tell he liked me.

A voice came over the intercom. It was the professor.

"Now students, put on your suits. This is the only difference between life and death. We all know why, but just in case you don't I'll tell you. Too much radiation can kill us. This radiation was released when the seventy atom bombs went of. Of course, we deal with radiation every day. Like the sun, microwave, and oven. Any questions?"

One kids raised his hand. I recognized him as Austin, one stupid kid in our class. "Can I just take my chances? I counted the suits and there are sixteen of them. There are seventeen of us."

"What?" the professor asked. " Oh, there are only sixteen. Well that means two will have to stay behind. Any volunteers. This will not affect your grade. Austin raised his hand.

"Well, of coarse you Austin. Any one else. If no one volunteers, I'll have to pick, and that will affect your grade. I started to raise my hand but Drey stopped me.

"Why did you stop me."

"Just in case." It made no sense, but I went along with it.

"Okay, no volunteers. Then, I'll pick." The professor thought about it and picked our other friend Cherlissa, but we called her Cherry.

"Your grade is downgraded to a C-"


"No buts. There were no volunteers. I warned y'all" we put on our suits and jumped out the plane. You could already feel the heat of the radiation.

Oh, great!

The plane dropped down. We jumped out quick. I turned back just in time to see Cherry and Austin drop. I didn't want to see the plane crash, so I didn't turn back. I just floated down. We all pulled our parachutes. When I landed on the ground, this greenish dust came up all around me.

"Let's all meet back here," the professor said.

We all agreed.

We all scurried across the ground, shifting the glowing dust. This happened five years ago, you would think most of the radiation would be gone by now. I went over to wear this old laboratory used to be. There were this melted beans that you could see from about 20 yards away.

"Rarrrr!" I screamed. It was Drey. He started laughing. I kicked him and then through dust all over him. I kept walking leaving him behind. I eventually made my way to the laboratory. I saw this purple glow. I shifted the dust till I found this necklace glowing purple. I went back to where the professor told us to meat up at.

After about twenty minutes, everyone came back. The professor called these people, he would tell us who.

"We must walk for about forty minutes to a van. It's out of the radiation. They will hose us down and any other objects we found. All objects you found will be given back to you. If you found any thing, you will get an A+, if nothing, B-."

I noticed only I had found something.

"Ah, Emily. A+. Everyone else you will now get a B+ since no one got anything. Maybe, y'all should have followed Emily." I hated all the attention. I knew I was getting scowls from everyone, but Drey. I tried to ignore it.

We all got hosed down and my necklace got hosed down. I just knew it would get scratched. When they gave it back to me, it wasn't, thankfully. Drey helped me put it on. It changed from this purple to a soft blue. I just thought it was an odd mood necklace.

"Emily, Drey, come." We followed the rest of the group. We were put in the van and driven to Britain. It was a longer ride than I thought it would be. The whole ride, I lay my head on Drey's shoulder. I could tell he liked that. I just realized his body was very muscular and he had the cutest green eyes. Maybe I could go out with him sometime.

I didn't realize I had gone to sleep until the van came to a hard stop. I looked out the window to see where we were. It was hard to tell since it was obviously midnight and the building wasn't well lit, but we were at the airport. I felt the heat of the necklace against my chest. I looked down. It was glowing more than ever, still blue. I just then noticed that my shoulder hurt. I just thought I had slept on it wrong. The professor woke everyone up and we hopped on a plane, heading toward our little college. Drey sat next to me. I gently fell back asleep on his shoulder.