Chapter 7: The Conclusion and The Afterward

I watched her run away. Wade was bleeding. He deserved what he got.

"I smell you Cherry."


"Uh, Hey Wade."

"Cherry come out of there. I'm back on your side if you promise not to hurt me. I tried to be nice to that.."

"You don't have to finish that sentence Wade. I know how you were going to finish it." I walked out of the bushes.

"Truce," I said

"Truce." We walked farther in the woods.

"I have an idea," Wade said.


"Okay here goes...."

I stumbled through the woods. I knew Wade must already be healed. I could feel my necklace getting deeper. I fell on the ground.

"Uh, uh." I coughed up a little blood. I fainted then.

She was in complete pain. I could feel it. At least she didn't feel all the pain. I felt half of it. It was unbearable. The deeper I got, the more I would feel. It would be all worth it though, as long as she didn't die in the process. Of course there was the chance that I wouldn't even be able to take over.

"So it's a plan?" I asked.

"Absolutely," Emily answered.

"Okay, split up." We both ran in different directions. Hopefully the plan would work. If it didn't, we could die. At least there were two of us, but I was the back-up person. If Emily didn't do her part, I would have to take over. I went over to a tree. My hand shifted into a carving knife. I made a key-hole shape in the tree. I pulled out my key and put it in the tree. A perfect fit! I used it to teleport to my location and waited*

I ran through the woods. Wade would already be where he was supposed to be. It was a good thing he was the back-up and not me. I started walking. She couldn't be far now.*

I flew into the trees.

"Awwwww-awwwww-awww!" It was like freaking Tarzan. Cherry came busting through the trees with a machete. She started swinging it at my head. I ducked and dodged. My wings burst out. It hurt, but I didn't show it. She smiled a wicked smile. She swung the machete at my wings and cut off part of one. I let a scream rip through my throat. I started running again. She kept swinging, ripping at my wings.*

I could hear them. They were about fifteen meters away. A shifted into my fox form and hid.

The wings ripping off hurt like crap. I sunk deeper. I was all the way in her skin now. She would really bleed now. I made my way to where I needed to be. Now, we would both feel full pain.

I started bleeding more at my chest. I looked down my shirt. The necklace was all gone. All that was left was its little hole that it left in my neck and chest. I let my wings come in. Maybe they would heal there. Still, Cherry kept a swinging away. It was a good thing I played softball for a couple of years. I slid into the bushes.

Hear she was.

The plan worked.

There was fox Wade.

Wait! Fox Wade! He was at my feet. I started to run on all fours. Cherry came through the bushes. I turned. Wade bit my heal and started to drag me.

"Hhhheeellllllpppppp!" I let it rip through me, not that it be much help. Wade drug me into the dark. He flung we against a wall. I fainted.

"Hello, 'Emily'" She used quotations around Emily as if it weren't my name.

"Hi. Cherry?" The lights came on.

"To you and my friends and family yes, I'm Cherry. But do you want to hear the real story? Do you?"

"What real story?"

"Fine. I'll tell you anyways. I'll start it with something you can comprehend. Do.... You.... Realize..... We.... Have..... The..... Same.... Birthday?" She said it as if I was stupid.

"Yes. And I'm not stupid."

"Well then. Your mother is my mother Destinee."


"Yes. Destinee. We are twins. At birth, you bit our mother. When we turned one, you set the house alight. The parents were getting us the blow out the candles. You dumped the Birthday cake on the floor and somehow, the floor caught on fire. It spread to the whole house and we had to live in an apartment. Our mother had enough. She was going to send one of us to the adoption center. For some reason, the nanny got us mixed up, so our mother sent me!"

"Your lying!"

"I'm not lying. My real name is Emily."

"No! It's not!"

"Yes it is!" She pulled out that machete. It reminded me of Wade.

"What did you do to Wade?"

"I let him go to his world. I'll kill him eventually." It finally hit her. "Stop trying to change the subject! I went to a wonderful family. Better than yours. Our mother never sent records, so they named me Cherlissa and when my hair turned red, Cherry. A couple of years ago, when we were in high school, I saw her. All she had to say was 'Destinee!'"

"You never saw her!"

"Yes I did. Well anyways back to my story. It made me mad, so I stabbed her. That's why she had to go to the hospital."

"Shut up! Shut up!" I screamed my wings flew out and I grabbed her. She dropped her machete in surprise. We flew out the window. It broke into a million shards. I flew with her in my arms. I looked back to see what I had just flew out of. It was a giant, crystal-like structure. The tip almost touched the clouds. We flew over the city. "Let me go!"

"Yes, ma'am" I dropped down to mental hospital and went inside.

"Excuse me," I said to the lady at the counter.


"I think she belongs here. She keeps saying that I'm her sister."

"I don't belong here!"

"Umm. Just fill out this."

"Yes, ma'am."

"We'll take her back here."

"Thanks." I filled out the form and left.

They took me into a brick room. The only windows were barred up. There was a young girl there. The nurses left.

"This will be fun," I whispered.

The girl backed up. She was smart.. I tore of my shirt to reveal the needles I had. I was saving them for Destinee, but this girl would do. I did multiple combinations....

I flew back to the woods and started walking. I needed to get home. I kept walking.

I finally made it. Her body would be mine now. My soul flew out of the necklace into.....

The air! Her body would never be mine now. Her soul would be gone to. We could both find a new body now. We both walked in the woods.

"I'm sorry." She nodded. The woods changed into a garden. Our garden. I went over to her and kissed her. She blushed. We could be together forever. Never dying, just floating from body to body. It would be wonderful.

"She did fine. Very fine." We picked her body up. "Emily needs to be given a reward."

Three Years After:

I woke up. I was in the hospital. Emily's mom was sitting there.

"Hey honey."

"Hi." She was like a mom to me. She seemed sad.

"Where's Emily."

"Her body was never found. We had her funeral last week. We were waiting for you to wake up, but you never did. It was a lot of stress, honey. A kid named Austin came, he brought a boy named Wade. Apparently, Wade was there when Emily called the ambulance for you. I'm glad you weren't there. Wade got shot with an arrow there. Such a sweet boy. He's in a room down. Bye, sweaty. See you tomorrow." She left.

Emily never found. A boy named Wade. It didn't make sense.

A man walked into my hospital room. Most likely a doctor. I closed my eyes, hoping he would disappear. I opened my eyes when he put his hands around my mouth and nose. I drifted to sleep. It was a good thing we could never die unless we lost our tail. Oh well.

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