Bella changes her name by Deed Poll

Bella walked into a brown 80's style office in downtown Seattle, there was a whirly gig on the table clattering. A man sat behind the desk, he was bold and wore a corduroy suit, with rime stone glasses. His face was pitted like the moon. poor man, Bella thought. He also had hair protruding from his ears and a boil on the end of his nose which looked like it could erupt at any moment, Bella resisted the urge to hold up a tissue, just encase.

"Welcome to Up Down and Around Left Town Seattle Deed Poll, may I help you?" the man's high pitched voice pronounced. Like she needed reminding where she was?

"Hi yea I'd like to change my name... by deed poll" Bella spoke "my name is Bella Swan, but hopefully not for much longer!"

The man nodded his head in recognition of her request. "Well Miss Swan, we can defiantly sort out you name problems here."

"What would you like to change your last name to?" the man asked. Bella raised a eyebrow as his spot wobbled slightly at his head movements. Threatening to burst.

Bella cleared her throat, "Swan, I don't wish to change my last name".

"Oh" the man blinked "what would you like to change your first name to?"

"I was thinking... Mute"

The man typed on his keyboard for a few minutes "Just sign here" he handed over a printed sheet "and give me 50"

Bella handed over the money.

"Well Mute Swan have a nice day"

Bella walked out of Up Down and Around Left Town Seattle Deed Poll, with her certificate for her new name.


Yep! that just brought down my credit as a writer, but at least you now know the type of stupid little story's that rush through my head!

I also hope you understood the hole mute thing, since she's a mental mute, and there is such a thing as a mute swan, lol