Levin / Vanquished

My heart is lugubrious because the field of white blossoms
That had been nurtured with sanguineness has experienced the aftermath
Of your barbaric miasma and thus currently craves a trip to death valley
Which has a long line of wrists anticipating their time to be slit
And approved into the fecundity yet would be worth waiting my turn for.

But when I attempt to sign the declaration from this cimmerian room, I find that the ink from all my pens has
Frozen as a shield against thoughtless action, so I slide the table towards the window to defrost the stubbornness,
However the change to crepuscular and then radiance unexpectedly causes levin for the whole context
And I realise that tying ten dollars and your car keys to my right thigh was the fault here because it can
Seem luscious to annul good morals, crash into the ocean and then try to avoid being vanquished.

But I only felt pure affliction when you sucked on my breasts like drinking water from a pitcher and had
My so-called obsequious wax on your fingers, however, now I'm awake but you've slept throughout this entire
Transformation of my reality, and I want to apologise to you and my true character, but I have to wait
Until your slugabed episode is over which is such a laborious and possibly unrewarding action,
Yet it must be yielded otherwise there will eternally be this equivocation within our existence.