The little girl stood at the corner of the empty street, peering into the large glass windows and watching her world unravel. She saw the misguided efforts of two people who didn't realize that they were slowly breaking down the heart of an innocent body. She watched as people moved in and out of the store, some coming in with gifts while others chose to leave with different demons. She did not understand how such a shop could exist. She looked at the reflection in the glass and stared at the sad image of her future. Those vibrant colors in her eyes, gone. The smiles on her face, no more. What had happened? Such a pure thing it is, to be born. Such an evil thing it is, to then be corrupted. Oh, how she tried to be all of the people they wanted her to be. Oh, how she longed to be someone who could fit the empty space where the jigsaw puzzle piece had gone missing long ago, and instead was forced a terribly jagged and imperfect piece of cardboard. She would never fit in that shop, though she had tried so hard to gain entrance. She wanted to be a part of something whole, something functional. She didn't like standing out on the corner, alone. But the voices she heard and the tones they took on told her that she was not welcome until she learned how to shed the unwanted skin and conform to be another beautifully framed picture on the wall. She could not do that, though. She was stuck in that body and forever inclined to her mindset.

She could not escape herself, though she tried. Sometimes she found herself with immense hatred for the way she had been created. Looking at the people she had no choice but to love and realizing that they had not hung up the picture of her. Among the walls of pride and joy, her own hopes had not been pinned up for the customers to see. She ran to the front of the shop and stared in confusion at the 'Unwelcome' sign. How could it possibly be there and yet admit people to enter? And that is when she realized the horrible truth. That the shop she saw and the shop that everybody else saw were two entirely different shops. So perfect to those who were looking for something beautiful, that they didn't realize how ugly it all truly was.

The little girl stood at the side of an empty street and tried to touch those who were walking by. She could not, though. For after so many years of pretending and pain, discouragement and disdain, she ceased to exist. The little girl she'd once been had been replaced with the mere reflection of a girl with no color in her eyes and no smile on her face. She had finally found her place.