I have been trying for a long time to write a story in a sci-fi type genre for years and it's never really worked out for me until now. It's definately different than my regular romance stories but it's still me! Anyway, I hope you give it a real chance and enjoy it. If I get a good enough following, I plan on continuing this as a kind of short series. I have some more planned for Cady.



"I really want to take you seriously, but you know I can't do that." His tie was loose and his Black hair was askew from running his fingers through it.

"But someone's life is in the balance." I protested.

"I know you really believe that these dreams you have are predictions of some sort but you know how it is Cady, they can't go searching homes and disturbing lives because of it."

"I know what I saw and it's not a dream, it was a vision." I stood and forcefully grabbed my bag.

"Cady Wait. I don't want you to leave like this." His grey eyes were pleading for me to stay.

"Danny, I came to you because, well because we have a past and I was hoping that your trust of me would do something, but obviously it doesn't mean anything at all."

"You know that's not it. I can't just go into my bosses office and say 'hey, a friend of mine claims to be a psychic and she had this vision of a girl being murdered' he'll just laugh at me and so will everyone else."

"Whatever Danny, you know my visions are real. You witnessed it yourself."

"I'm grateful that you saved my life Cady, but I don't necessarily believe that it was a dream you had that told you to be there that morning, I think it was just intuition. We all have it."

"You've changed." I commented; hand on the door knob of his office.

"Everyone does." He sighed. "It's been 8 years Cady, what exactly were you hoping to find by coming here?"

I rolled my eyes. It seemed as thought he really believed that I was just using this as an excuse to start something up with him again. As if.

"I was expecting to find a friend." I shook my head and left his office. So much for having a friend who was a police officer.

He didn't come after me and I guess I wasn't surprised. He hadn't cared much when we were dating so I couldn't imagine that I meant much to him now. He wasn't wearing a wedding band nor have pictures of family on his desk so I had to assume he was still single. Still spending all his time working. I was almost at the bus stop when I heard my name.


I didn't turn around.

"Cadence… come on." He was beside me and I was still looking forward. "You're acting like a child."

I turned on him at that. "What about the child I saw murdered?"

"Cady, I can't bring this to the others; they will laugh at me and then laugh at you. I couldn't bear that."

Did that mean he still actually cared about me, even a little?

"Why do you care if they laugh at me? When they find the body of that girl, the laughing will stop."

"You were always able to ignore the comments but I couldn't. That's why I couldn't be with you Cady."

"Because you were embarrassed about dating the freak? We're 28 years old now Danny. No-one is going to call me a freak now."

"High school is different, yes I admit that but well it wasn't because I thought you were a freak it's that I wasn't strong enough to not react every time someone said something about you."

"Should I be relieved or something, that your finally admitting the real reason why you broke it off with me and then disappeared without so much as a phone call or letter?"

He looked down at his feet and couldn't look me in the eye.

"It's not really news to me Danny. I know why you broke up with me. There were many reasons why you broke up with me, one of which I know for a fact was that you are afraid to give your heart to anybody."

"Stop reading me." He said, deep, low and I could swear he was gritting his teeth.

"You claim that I don't have any gifts so how could I be reading you."

"I don't know what to believe."

"You've been brainwashed. You used to believe in what I do." I saw the bus stopped at the lights a couple blocks away.

"Well is there anyway to contact you…" he trailed off.

"You're a detective. Look me up." The bus stopped and the doors opened. I only looked back at him as I took a seat. He had this look in his eyes that I couldn't quite place. I had a gift for reading people but for some reason, when it came to reading someone about the feelings they had for me, I was limited in my ability… but Danny didn't need to know that.