I had barely had enough time to think about the time I wanted to see and as I thought, I was a bystander instead of in my own body. It was a week from now and I was in a room, tied down, naked but it wasn't the same room in the back of a butcher shop.

"I found you again and it was just too easy." The Siphon sneered.

"Maybe I wanted you to find me."

"What?" there was a little of that adolescent squeak to his voice which indicated that he wasn't quite done growing.

"I didn't want to go before, that guy… he forced me to go. He's so much stronger than me psychically."

"NO he's not. I overpowered him." He said proudly.

"He was pretending. He let you so that he could watch me."

He seemed to think about it. "Well doesn't matter. I didn't have to get him this time, you were all alone."

Bastian was going to leave regardless. I should have known.

My vision self didn't answer.

"Now, when the baby is born I can…" he stopped. "I don't feel the energy anymore…"

"I lost the baby."

"What!" The siphon put his hands on his head. "No." He paced a little and then returned to my prone body and looked down.

Although I wasn't actually in my vision self this time, I could still pick up on my own emotions. I was disgusted because his breath smelt like death because of all his rotting teeth. His face was worse than the last time, blotchy and white and it almost looked like he was starting to loose some of his facial skin to rot.

"Then I will just have to do it myself." He snarled and he started to unzip his pants. "Without your lover boy here to block your mind, I can roll you and you'll enjoy it. You'll love me by the end."

I didn't want to leave the vision just yet, I wanted to learn something about this boy that we could catch him before this vision turned to truth but I couldn't watch him rape my future self and I turned my head. I felt my own emotions. He wasn't strong enough to roll my mind but I knew… somehow I knew that I was watching myself and I needed info so I faked it.

It didn't take him long and it made me huff because of the hours that Bastian and I had spent in my room, and how much I missed him.

He left the room and I was left alone, starring at my body.

"I know you're there." I heard my own voice say. "And I know you can't talk back"

I guess I could feel me but not see me.

"You have to prevent this from happening. He left some stuff on the desk over there, look at it. Get a name or something. I don't want to carry his baby. You know what happens. We both know what happens and after we die… after the baby dies… he will just go on to kill more innocent girls…"

Wow… I knew how to get myself moving, didn't I?

I willed myself to move toward the work table that the siphon had set up in this room. I was right, there was a wallet on the table but I didn't have corporal form to move it.

My future self cried out in frustration and it hit me right in the centre of me. I starred at it, I wished I was telekinetic and then the strangest thing happened. I felt like I channelled all that frustration from both of us at the wallet and it was like a wind that flipped the wallet open, like a harder summer breeze.

I wasn't naive enough to think that I had a new power. Learning that I could do this vision thing was enough. When anybody had enough psychic energy, they can channel it and since I was a channel… I didn't know and I would explore the possibilities later.

I looked at the wallet and shook my head. The siphon had been a nice looking boy before he had started getting hooked. I looked in my future self's direction and I/she smiled at me.

"Be happy Imy." She said and I felt myself being pulled backwards as if a black hole had suddenly opened in the room.

I slammed back into my body and opened my eyes. I wasn't dead. I wasn't even hurt in anyway.

"What happened?" Bastian asked. He was holding my hand so my hands must have fallen away from his chest.

"I know who he is." I said, out of breath.


The police have arrested 17 year old Billy Landen in the murders of 3 girls, one of which is still unidentified. And the assault and kidnapping of 16 year old Jenna Bachman and 28 year old Cadence Demetriou. Both have recovered from minor injuries. The court date had yet to be set but Chanel 5 will have exclusive coverage when it takes place.

Hearing my last name on T.V. and how they had trouble pronouncing it made me think to when I had seen my mother in limbo. Maybe I should start using my birth last name…. to be honest now that I knew it, I wanted to find out more about my family.

I loved Heme. She was my real mother in every way that counted, but there was a part of me that needed to know more. Like why I was orphaned in the first place and why none of my real family claimed me or came looking?

"Well I'm off." I heard behind me and I clicked the TV off and walked over to Bastian. He was dressed in a dark suit, probably designer with a royal blue dress shirt that only made his blue eyes brighter.

"Do you have to go?" I said into the hardness of his chest and he held me tight.

"Yes. For both our sakes."

I pulled away to look up at him. "But what if you were right all along?"

He smiled. "Then we'll see each other again won't we?" He picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me with such… I don't even know how to explain it. All I knew was that when he set me back down I felt like a piece of me was missing somehow. "I love you Cadence. And it's because I love you that I'm letting you go."

I looked down at the floor because I couldn't stop my emotions leaking all over the place and I couldn't look him in the eye. I knew he could feel them. I made damn sure he could. A hand went to my chin and forced me to look into his eyes. "Don't run into his arms just because you're feeling alone."

"What do you mean?"

"Every time I've abandoned you, you rushed to him but you never learn that he's not the answer you're looking for."

"You never abandoned me, except now."

"No, I know the way my soul is. I may not have abandoned you physically but emotionally, so you found someone that was able to satisfy that feeling of loneliness you got. Don't let yourself fall into that trap again."

"Why are you doing this… we're so good together."

"Because we're good together. We're too good together and we wouldn't look elsewhere and we're meant to do other things, at least for now. If we are truly meant to be together, then we'll find each other." He kissed my forehead. "Take care… Imy." And he was gone and I couldn't bare to watch him pull out of my driveway.

I never cried. Not since I can remember but I cried now.

I knew that me losing the baby had nothing to do with this. It wasn't meant to be and it would have been a complete disaster, at least that was what I kept telling myself. I still didn't completely understand how I was connected to the girls, at least 3 of them. The first girl… they still didn't know who she was and her body was too decayed to really tell if she had been pregnant or not. I did know that, it had been the babies calling out, not the mothers… which blew my theory of brain power out the window because apparently the brain was starting to develop at 5 weeks. I couldn't understand why I was never able to detect a pregnancy before 3 months.


"I told you he was only after one thing." Danny said over a cup of coffee.

"Shut up." I said, half joking. I looked up into his eyes and I knew that if I wanted to, I could have Danny. It wouldn't take long before he would propose too. He loved me so much and I knew it was wrong. Maybe I didn't know it in our other lives together because I hadn't been an empath. Able to recognize when things just didn't feel right. He was a friend, my best friend. I wanted to keep that. I found it hard to read Danny's emotions in the past, but now, could do it easily. Was it because of Bastian's influence?

"So what are you going to do now?" he asked. "Now that you're an unofficial member of the Carson police force."

"I think I'm going to try and find my birth family."

Danny started chocking on his coffee. "Cady, really…"

"What? Do you know something?"

"Yes." He set down his mug. "I do."

"How do you know Danny?"

"I was in the other car when your parents had the accident."

"What accident?"

"You don't remember?"

"I don't remember anything except Heme finding me in an alley and taking me home."

"My father killed your parents Cady."