I sat slumped in the front seat, my backpack at my feet and my hand propping my sleepy head up to the side. Mom's driving the car, and no one else is in it so it's very quiet. The radio's broken too, not like there's any good stations to listen to around here. It's about 7:00 I think, AM. Homeroom starts in about fifteen minutes. I'm just glad I don't have to walk to school today.

"Isn't this nice, Erica?" My mom pipes up cheerily, too cheery for the morning, if you ask me. "It's a good thing I lost that job last Friday, or else you would have slept in and missed school!"

"Like that's a good thing," I mutter sleepily. But she's right, I'm glad I didn't sleep in too late. My days of playing hooky ended when I entered highschool, and I've had near perfect attendance for three years now. Still don't like how she considers losing a job as a good thing...

"I'm just glad I get to drive you. Maybe we could make this a regular thing?" She glances at me expecting a reply.

I turn to her and smile half-heartedly. "Maybe. Depends if can you find another job or not." Mom works many jobs since it's just her bringin' in the bacon, and since she only got a highschool diploma jobs don't come as often as they could. "Or I could get one? I'm not running out of free time anytime soon, you know."

"Nuh uh, missy. You're going to learn and have fun while you're still young. No jobs for you, except cleaning up the house when I'm not around, of course."

I smile and start to look out the window. We live in a very urban area, and the highschool is smack in the middle of town, right next to a park. We still got a good 10 minutes of driving, and I can see the kids that are walking to school now. Heh, Suckers.

All of the sudden, everything slows down to a crawl. My whole body feels heavy. Air is heavy. Heart stops.

There is a man, no a boy, a teen? Standing just by the side of the car. Looking at me. Smiling, knowing. I meet his eyes in an instant. Stark green. He winks.

Suddenly the car rushes forward at high speeds. A loud gasp escapes and I'm thrown back in my seat.

"What's wrong?!" My mom yells at me, her head whipping from looking at me to the road. I can only stare through the road, breathing heavy. Mom attempts to parallel park to get off the road. "Erica, what is it?"

I try to say something, but I can't form the words. I can't even think right now. I just remember the eyes. Green. Very green. As if there was something more to them than at first glance. But what was all that? Was it just me? I think so, since Mom's worried about me. "Sorry, Mom. I guess it's nothing..?"

She throws her hand to my forehead. "You aren't feverish, are you? I can take you back home if you want..."

"No! I'm fine alright?" I could feel my face get hotter, so I pushed her hand away. I tried to ignore the worried look she gave me by staring out my window some more. I don't want to miss school, even if I only have Heather to talk to and the classes are bordering on too easy for me. "...Can we just go now?"

A moment of silence. I could feel my Mom grimacing, but she wasn't one to pry into her children's lives. Unlike my brother, I try to do her a favor by not getting myself into trouble anymore, so she doesn't have to worry about me.

The stick shift clicks into motion and the engine revs. "Alright," she says. Obviously she doesn't believe me, but like I said she doesn't want to butt in. "But if anything happens, I don't want the school to call me and tell me you died without you at least trying to call me first."

I laughed, mostly to try to convince her I was really alright, but even I wasn't sure about that. "Okay, I'll try to remember that." I gave out a big long yawn, mostly as a cover. Don't know why I did though. I kept my gaze out to the window, not really thinking either. I just couldn't get my mind off those green eyes...