Judge of fire

Just to warn people that this poem is maybe going to be very controversial, but I will say this in my defence this is only how I see God. This is who He is to me nothing more; please take it as a piece of enjoyment and not literally thanks.

How could a courtroom be so terrifying?

I, the accused stand to face my judge

The once I once served

He looks down at me with total contempt

He smiles wickedly

As He reads the list

The list of my crimes, endless it is. Endless

Once that is finished He lifts me up

Not gently though I must admit

All He did was point the finger

"There's a special place in Hell for you

You vile and disgusting sinners

Damn you all!

Did you really think you could ever be

Welcome here?!

So, down it is I must go

Was this really the amazingly loving and merciful master

Everyone portrayed Him as

Was He really the one people loved so much?

It seems likely at this point…


Western Dreamer