Teachers are always saying how high school is serious shit and it's time to get your act together- college is sooner than you think. Who would've thought they were right? Scary shit I know.

At first I had no idea what I wanted to be- there wasn't anything I could picture myself doing for the rest of my life. Kale said I could be a hooker or a porn star-who needs education anyway? Spencer said he could see me being a secretary who sleeps with her boss thus in turn being a home wrecker but landing a hot, wealthy successful man.

At first I was tempted to listen to Kale but since junior year I've got it figured out. I'm going to go to Berkeley and become a psychiatrist. Got any issues to sort out, just hit me up!

And despite that I apparently look very sex driven, I'm really not and I'm also pretty smart.

The only reason why I'm a bit more...sexually active than most girls is because I use sex as a way to get what I want. But I'm not a hoe. Really, I'm not!

"Hey darlin' this is Ethan," Kale sits down nonchalantly. I look up from my homework.

A boy with sex hair the color of Spencer's, large black glasses and a grandpa cardigan sits down.

"You look like a hooker." He tells me, glancing over my body.

"You're wearing an old man sweater."

"Clearly you give many blowjobs."

"Obviously you think you're a hipster." I deadpan, returning to my homework.

"I think you should just get on your knees now." he smirks, in a very sexy way.

"I think you should stop trying to take vintage photos." I add a shrug.

"Do you have fun spending all that time on your back?"

"Clearly not as much fun as you have blogging, being FOREVER ALONE."

I look up nonchalantly and Ethan is grinning.

"Oh my god!" Kale and Spencer shout, finally realizing their laughs.

"I-you-! So calm-!" Spencer manages to say through his fit.

I roll my eyes at the two.

Ethan is sitting directly in front of me and it's kind of creepy. It's a circle table with only the four of us there is plenty of space!

Kale and Spencer calm down and compose themselves. Kale sits really close to Ethan and pats his back.

"I commemorate you buddy," he chuckles, "Anyway-hey! Is that my homework?"

"Yeah I stole it out of your backpack this morning to copy." I say, gotta focus! Science has never been my strong point.

"That's where it went!"

"Actually, I stole it. Vanna's too short." Spencer corrects. He adds a hair swish for emphasis. Huh it's weird how his hair and Ethan's are the same light brown.

"That's true." Me and Kale agree.

"So anyway, Ethan moved here from Michigan. And for some reason he wanted to meet you two." Kale says.

Me, Kale and Spencer have other friends, we're not that sad, but honestly a lot of people in this town just get annoying.

Me and Spencer shrug at the last comment.

"Why'd you move here? It's your senior year and you're a new kid, how fun." I sip from Spencer's lukewarm water bottle. Ew, lukewarm is the worst temperature for any drink.

"I moved in with my Aunt so that I'll pay in-states for college. Almost all my choices are here. Oh and I heard they have great hookers here."

"Your boobies look really big hun." Kale adds.

Kale isn't gay but he practically should be around me. We talk about anything and everything and most feminine subjects he gets interested in. Spencer on the other hand will talk but anything is need be but doesn't care too much about hearing about my period.

"You're like Kim Kardashian but not some unidentified ethnicity, skinnier, smaller boobs, green eyes, sluttier and you only have one sister. Oh and a not crazy family." Spencer says, nodding in the validity of his statement. He likes watching Keeping up with the Kardashians too.

"Broski, they should adopt me, I'd fit right in! Kale Kardashian, I can see it now." Kale looks up at the sky, probably imagining his alternate life.

"I think my lips are bigger than hers. I also have side bangs my hair is naturally straight. But otherwise I guess so." Really, what ethnicity are they?

"Minor details hun."

"Does that mean you have scandalous photos?" Ethan chimes in.

"Yes I also dated a major league football player." I say seriously, I wonder if he'll that I'm kidding. Some stupid people don't.

"Which one? Number 69 right? Is he on the offensive line? Last name sex?"

"Sex offender number 69!" Kale shouts, laughing at his joke.

Okay, this kid is pretty cool.


"Hey Van, might wanna unbutton your shirt, your tits aren't popping out enough." Ethan says sarcastically. And he's walking so close, why?

I'm wearing a purple blouse, that's V-necked with a few buttons undone at the top. My 36C push up bra is pushing my boobs very nicely. Hey, might as well be self confident about what I have!

"Eath, might wanna stop wearing those glasses, we know they're not real."

"You know you should've known not to wear jeans today. You're gonna be on your knees sucking off some jock anyway." He smiles.

"Oh and you'd know because you get a lot of head- being so indie and all."

"I will be- from you. Fyi I play lacrosse."

"The game of sticks and balls? What, is it because you like touching other guy's shafts?"

"No it's because I have a long stick. "

"Oh I'm sure."

"How would you like to find out?" He beams at me and I roll my eyes amused. He's a witty one.

"Got your eye on any girl here? I'm sure she'll love being your fuck buddy." Sure Ethan is gorgeous, but I've got my eyes on Anderson Prolux. Setting Ethan up will make sure Anderson doesn't think I'm with Ethan.

"Yeah, you."

"Hmm haven't met a girl by that name."

I walk into my science and Ethan follows. How fun, so is Anderson.

I sit down and Ethan takes Rick's seat next to me.

"Rick won't be too pleased seeing you in his seat."

"I think I can take him. I heard that being 6'3 is a good factor in the art of intimidating and fighting."

"Well you're not too scrawny either." I admit. Even in that old man cardigan I can tell his arms look mighty sexy from lacrosse. Not that I like that kind of thing…

"I've been preparing for the day I finally meet you." He chides.

"Have you been cyber stalking me?"

"Naturally- saves a guy some time and gas."

"I'm surprised you didn't find any scandalous pictures." I mock.

"I'm sure I can find some. So, tell me about yourself. Besides your life as a hooker- I'd love to hear about that while we're in my-or your- room." He rests his head on his fist, gazing at me a tad too lovingly.

"I thought you'd already know." Rick walks over and Ethan looks at him innocently. Without a word Rick gives Ethan the dirtiest look and walks away. My, that was easier than I'd thought.

"Hmm, easier than I thought- but really. Tell me everything, my ears are open."

"You're fucking sketchy."

"Yeah." He shrugs, stretching his arms above his head. Thought I didn't mean to look there, my eyes drifted to his exposed stomach. Okay, I swear I see the start of his abs and those oh so sexy sex lines on his hips. What an attractive kid in an old man sweater.

I hear his low throaty chuckle- my even that is attractive. He places a hand on my neck and gives my jaw line a kiss.

"It's all yours baby. So, dreams, hopes, ambitions. Shoot."

"Trust me I have my eyes on another."

"I'm thoroughly crushed!" He feigns, "But really, that boy won't have a chance."

"And what makes you say that?" I inquire, Ethan is also very cocky.

"Because I'm extremely interested in you and only you."

"It's only been one day Ethan."

"I love it when you say my name." He beams, in a very cheesy manner.

"Okay class today we'll be taking a review test, clear off your desks except for a pencil. Ethan you don't have to take the test unless you want to for today."

Ms. Barbour slowly walks around, passing out the papers.

"I want to be a psychologist by the way, and I'm going to Berkeley." I say, right before I get handed my test. Shit I'm going to fail this.

"Okay so guess what I want to be."

"What?" I say confused and exhausted, I seriously need to take a week off of school to just sleep…but then again that would just make me even more behind.

"I want to be a superhero."

"Okay…cool." I roll my eyes and shove my bag into my car, closing the passenger seat- just looking up at Ethan.

"Yeah like legit."

"Like superman?"

"Kind of but I'd have a different name, guess."

"Guess?" I sigh.


"Ethan…man?" I guess pathetically. I just want to go home and sleep! I've known Ethan for about two weeks now and I swear he only has eyes for me. At least from what I've seen, what Kale and Spencer says and what Carly tells me- because Ethan wants Carly to help him win me over.

Carly Walsh is my best friend- female wise- and knows far too much about me. She's a redhead and we all make it an appoint to tell her she doesn't have a soul.

"Nope, yourman." He beams slightly bashful. I have to admit, that was cute.

"You're shameless."

"Yes, exactly. There's no shame in going hard after a girl. Go hard or go home bitch!"

"You're an interesting one." I shake my head and laugh. He grins in satisfaction and sticks hi hands in his pockets.

"Are you really just going to leave?" He shouts with a too cute laugh.

I don't bother to answer and drive off.

"Vanna are you seriously going to go on a date with Henry Merryman?" Carly says disgusted, "I swear he's like slime."

"No he's not!" I defend, "He's nice."

"Haven't you heard the rumours-"

"Carl, they're rumours you can't believe them all."

"Yeah well I still think you should be with Ethan."

"Hun it's been what two months since he's been here? He's been a sweetheart, really but he's just a flirt."

"He's not really, just because he flirts mercilessly with you doesn't mean he flirts with all girls that way. Hell, he doesn't flirt with anyone but you! Plus he's taken the effort to invest in my help."

"Uh huh, and what have you two planned this time?"

"Nothing! But we were talking about what your children would look like in Bio-Chem."

"Oh my god, that's just preposterous I swear. Anyway Henry just ran the doorball. Love ya."

"Love you too hun, be safe!"

I sigh, puffing out my cheeks and walk to the door.

"Hey." I smile.

"Hey baby," He kisses my cheek and I follow him to his car, "You look hot."

"Oh, thanks." Huh, it's weird I half expected a smarmy, witty comment and I got disappointed when I didn't get it…Ethan is totally raising my expectations at least compliment wise. And that is just terrible.

"So…Henry you play basketball right?" I start, as I pick at my food. Of course he plays basketball, that's all he's been talking about.

"Yeah," His faces brightens, "I'm the point guard. Me and Jackson Hawthorne are going to run tryouts next week. The freshman will be begging for mercy. Most can't even run a mile, it's sad."

"I can't run a mile. At least under 15 minutes." I add nonchalantly. I guess he thinks I'm slightly angry at this fact.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I mean it's bad since they're guys-"

"Woah woah woah, since they're guys?" I say incredulously. Man this boy is digging his grave deep.

"I-I-uh, that's not what I meant. I mean- hey does this kill my chances of…uh another date?"

I snort as I stab my food, "Don't you mean-"

"Henry! Hey man," I turn around and instantly my sense are filled with the smell of Old Spice, laundry and a hint of grass.

"Hey Ethan…" I turn back and see Henry's jaw tighten.

"Vanna! Hey sweetheart- oh am I interrupting something?" Ethan fakes oh so discreetly.

He knows very well that he's interrupting this date and dwindling Henry's small chance of getting laid. Whatta cock block.

"Well we are on a date." Henry says through clenched teeth. He shoots Ethan a 'you damn well know we're on a date mother fucker' look.

"Oh well I hope you don't mind if I take Vanna?" I look up at Ethan and he smirks.

"I do mind."

"It's important."

"Yeah, like?"

"None of your business."

"I know what you're doing Carter."

"I know no idea what you're talking about Merryman."

"Shit faced liar."

"Oh how classy of you."

"You're such a-"

"Okay!" I interrupt. Damn it was like a fucking tennis match, "Um Henry if it's important I better go with Ethan."

Henry lets out a frustrated sigh, "He's just making it up Van, he only wants-"

"What? What do I want?" I look up again at Ethan and he's grinning.

Oh Ethan. I swear Henry should just admit it, I know all he wants is to get laid and he's pissed. Ethan though is just basking in the glory of his win.

"You know want to fuck her."

"No my friend I think that's you." Ethan says knowingly.

"I'm sure as hell am not your friend. And it's not like you don't want to either."

"Oh but you're sadly mistaken. I have had sex wither Vanna Newman. Many times, in fact we've had dirty passionate sex in quite a few places. The school bathroom, my car, her bed, my couch, my kitchen…oh and Van what was the last place? Was it in Henry's mom's bed? Oh no wait his mom was probably busy having sex with some crack dealer."

I suddenly burst out laughing, in fact I'm laughing so hard I hit the table with my hand a few times. Oh God!

"Why you…"

"Oh smoother Hen. Oh no! I better take my sweet Vanna away before you laughs to death. Something that wouldn't happen if she was with you Henry. Toodles." I stop laughing as Ethan picks me up and slings me over his shoulder, whisking me away. What an exit.

"You're mean you know that."

"Well he had it coming to him." Ethan pouts.

I lick the spoon and cross my leg over the other. Oh Pinkberry how delicious you are.

"What, for asking me out?"

"For expecting to have sex with you duh." Ethan makes a face.

"And weren't you the one who called me a hooker when we first met?"

"Yeah, well you're my hooker. I implied that you're a hooker who only has sex with me." He says firmly.

"I didn't catch that implication."

"You should've. It would've saved you a lot of trouble denying it."

"Really? Because I don't think I've been denying anything."

"Oh so you'll admit your burning passionate love for me?"

"Nah." I finish the rest of my frozen yogurt and I frown.

"Awwww," Ethan pinches my cheek, "How A'fucking-dorable."

"Whatever. Can I have some of your ice cream?" I give him my best sad puppy look.

"You are inaccurate, it is frozen yogurt."

"Fine. Can I have some of your frozen yogurt that is decadently topped with fruity pebbles, strawberries and blueberries?" I ask sarcastically.

"You don't seem like the type to like fruity pebbles."

"What." I glare; seriously I want some frozen yogurt!

"I think you need some rehab."

"Or maybe I just need some sleep."

"I've got a sick obsession."

"I'm seeing it in my dreams."

"I'm looking down every alley-"While he sings I snatch his frozen yogurt. Success!

"You're a bully." He pouts.



"Hipster wannabe."

"Who says I'm a wannbe."

"I do."

"Hey wanna go out with me?"

I stop a second to process this.

"What. No."

I see the clear disappointment in his face at first then it changes to dramatic blatant disappointment.

"Don't you dare try to make me sad Ethan Carter."

"Ooooh, you're pulling out last names. You must mean business." He says sarcastically.

"Damn right! Look just because you swept me away doesn't mean I'll date you. And don't think I forgot about you telling Henry we had sex…a lot."

"Okay fine. But does that mean I have a chance?"

I open my mouth, ready to say no, but honestly he really does. Oh sweet Jesus he does. It's not fair how attractive he is. Or how sweet he is or how funny he is!

"Maybe." I admit."


"Okay, fine you do have a very high chance." I feel the heat rush to my face.

"D'awww." Ethan leans in and kisses my cheek, making my face even hotter, he wrinkles his nose in amusement and smiles. In the cutest way ever he kisses my nose.

"Well what more can I do to help my chances?" Ethan breathes huskily. Oh my god.

"How 'bout you buy me a unicorn."

"Will you settle for a puppy? I hear it's a bad time to look for unicorns. Or how about I paint some flowers for you? Paint the roses red? I could hold doors for you and give you my jacket when you're cold? How about I defend your honor in a very chivalrous way? Or write you a song? I could jump through hoops on fire? Maybe I could swim the entire ocean? I could buy you this store? Anything and I'll do it." He says. At first his voice was playful but then I could hear the conviction. He really is helping his chances.

"Which ocean?"

"All of them."

"Okay, I think I'll settle for you defending my honor and painting roses red…and maybe you could give me your jacket when I'm cold."

"Alright, anything else?"

"Maybe you'd like to be, kinda sorta my boyfriend?"

"Weeeell, if I have to." He grins before putting a hand on the side of my face and kissing right under my eye. He rubs the slightly damp spot and I smile and he grins like a fool.

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