Daddy's Little Girl

Her Daddy's a drinker,

Her Mommy's passed away,

There's no A.A

To help him.

No social worker to help 'Daddy's Little Girl'

Who has been sexualy abused

Since Mommy died.

Her only friend is her old teddy bear,

He's falling apart,

He's worn and torn,

Just like 'Daddy's Little Girl'.

She's locked in her room

For hours on end.

'Till Daddy gets home

Done with his drinking binge.

He storms into her room,

Throws her bear across the room,

Then tears off her clothes

Leaving her bare and exposed.

He used to say they were 'Just Cuddling'

But 'Daddy's Little Girl' knows it's not right,

And that night does something she never has before:

She fights.

She starts to scream,

Clutching her body and her bear,

Both that belong only to her.

Suddenly the door opens

And 'Daddy's Little Girl' knows

Her prayers have been answered.

Now that sweet little girl,

Isn't 'Daddy's' anymore.

Her name is now 'Sarah',

She has a new family:

A mommy,

A daddy,

A big brother,

A little sister.

Five years soon passed;

Almost everything is different,

Sarah has grown older and stronger.

Though somethings are different

Others will always stay the same;

Sarah has always had a loving friend,

He was with her though thick and thin

And Sarah will love him to the very end,

That friend is her old teddy bear,

Who's worn and torn.