I have three knifes,

Hidden in my drawer,

I'm Keeping them,

'Just in Case'

I have a 'bad day'.

I took them from her drawers-

And put them in mine.

I'd rather get caught not cutting,

Then to have her get caught with cuts.

I've lied to her thrice

The first lie:

She asked me if I took them,

I looked her in the eye and

Asked 'Why would you ask me?'

Then he asked if I read her journals,

Another lie and laugh,

'Of course, I didn't.

At least not if I didn't want

You to read mine behind my back.'

Even though I know she already has-She had that look in her eyes,

The same look I have in my eyes.

She asked me if I have ever lied to her,

In the ten years that we've been friends,

I shook my head and said

'No. I would never-Have you ever lied to me?'

She said the same and

we grasped hands-

Meaning we were still best friends.

When really,

After three lies,

There isn't any use of us being friends.