The Change

As quickly as it began, it was over. The park was silent once again and the scuffle ended, but not without ramifications. Grey lay on the ground bleeding, cursing his helplessness. He and his best friend Rosaline where just taking their usual walk in the park and he was about to confess his feelings for her when they came. Two men, one pale the other animalistic, started a brawl and Grey and Rosaline got in the way. Grey was struck down and he watched helplessly as his best friend was carried away while his eyesight failed.

He willed his body to move, but it wouldn't respond. What was the point? She was gone now, so why even bother? He winced slightly as he staggered to his feet. There was a deep wound on his left side and there was a large cut on his right thigh, making it difficult to walk. Grey had taken only a few steps when he felt a shiver crawl up his spine and raise the hairs on his neck. He was not alone.

"Well, well, well. Look's like this one ain't dead yet," taunted a female voice.

"Heh, looks like you're losing your touch Liam. He should be dead. You only grazed him," said another, this time male.

"Aw shut the fuck up you two! He just got in the way, that's why he's still standing!" snapped a man who Grey assumed to be Liam. Grey turned slowly and was met by a group of four individuals, two men and two women. Immediately, he took a step back. He didn't know why, but something about them just didn't seem right.

"Oh look Chris, he's cautious," crooned the brunette who owned the female voice. She flashed him an unnaturally white smile. "Isn't that just adorable?"

"Tch," answered the male, a man who looked to be in his late twenties. "He ought to be cautious. It's only natural seeing as he's this close to the Change. Even you should know that Deb."

Change? What the hell is he talking about? Who are these people?

"Enough!" barked Liam, a large man who appeared to be in his thirties. "The only change that he's going through is from living to not."

"Say what?" said the last girl meekly. She had a kind face and messy dirty-blonde hair. If Grey wasn't mistaken, she was close to his age of sixteen. "Why kill him? We could take him in; teach him. He could be beneficial to us."

"We took a chance in taking you in Ali. We don't need another runt," Chris muttered.

Ali flashed Grey an apologetic look before looking away. Although still somewhat confused, their intentions were now clear. They planned to kill him. Fear froze him in place, locking his joints, stopping his breath.

Deb stepped toward him and brushed a lock of hair out of his face. "Aw, can't I keep him? He's kinda cute."

A growl responded and she sighed. "Oh well. Such a waste. Oh by the way, what's your name sweetheart?"

It took him a while to answer, "G-grey."

"Well Grey, not that it really matters but my name is Deb. Those behind me are Ali, Chris, and Liam. Sorry but could you do me a favor?"

Grey gulped. "What?"

"Run," she smiled her brilliantly white teeth.


"I enjoy chasing my prey," she said. Was he imagining it, or where her teeth getting sharper?


"You heard the lady. Run!" snarled Chris. There was something different about his demeanor, as if he was getting more, primal. And there was a gleam in his eye that just scared him.

"Why shou—"

"RUN MOTHERFUCKER! RUN!" roared Liam in a garbled voice. Snapping out of his petrified state, Grey turned heel and bolted. Pain seared through his leg and his side, but the adrenaline made sure he didn't stop. As he ran, he heard the laughter of a woman and an odd cracking sound. He didn't stop to contemplate this however. Grey sprinted for a full five minutes before he came to a stop. He was confused. They said that they were going to kill him, yet he hadn't been shot or anything. Grey turned around and was surprised to come face to face with a wolf. At first, he thought that it was just a normal animal. That is, until he looked into its eyes and noticed how sad and…apologetic they appeared.

A growl from behind the wolf made his blood run cold and three more emerged from the shadows. Grey didn't question it but instead started running again. He made it no more than a few yards before one of them sank its teeth into his ankle, bringing him down. He struggled to get up, but another bit his arm and he yelped in pain. They tore at him from all sides until finally one gripped him by the jugular. Although he knew what fate awaited him, he struggled anyway. The canine snorted and with a shake of its head, tore out his throat.

Grey could feel the life slowly ebbing away from him as he fell to the ground, limp. He felt the cold nose of one of his killers nudge him as it whined and the snarl of another. He heard the sounds of their paws hitting the ground as they left him alone to die. He saw the dark sky littered with its infinite stars before his vision blacked out.

"So this is how it ends," he gurgled softly. He was starting to go numb. Death was his only escape now, and he felt a tear fall as he thought of his sweet Rosaline, forever lost.


That was his last thought as his heart stopped and he breathed his last and death enveloped him in his cold embrace. It was all over.

Or so he thought.

At first, he thought he was just floating in the darkness. If this was what being dead was like, it wasn't so bad. Then, there was the sharp pang in his chest. It was kind of uncomfortable, and it bothered him. It came again, only more intense this time. There was a sharp crack and he wondered where it must have come from. Then he realized that it came from him. His eyes snapped open, and he was greeted by the moon overhead. His breathing was ragged and his limbs were no longer numb. On the contrary, they were on fire. He couldn't scream for some reason and he was starting to convulse. The cracking ensued throughout his body as bones moved and reshaped themselves accordingly. And there was a feeling that was building in his chest that was so strange yet so familiar.


His vision started to become clouded in a red haze as they went from deep brown to yellow. He felt his teeth elongate as well as his nails. So many changes going on in one time and finally he could contain it no longer. He raised his head up and with an ancient fury, he released a primal howl the shattered the silence of the night.