He's a school bad boy. Not the bad boy getting caught by the police but the bad boy that is not listening to the lessons in class, making funny jokes about the teacher when he gets bored and one of the school's most talkative students.

Even though he just spends his time in the classroom making fun of loser classmates and talking with his best friends, he is still one of the smarter half. He is the average B student, a thing you would not believe when you see him goofing off in class.

He's not only academically gifted but very talented too. He has a very good voice and it really comes handy when it comes to music class. He can play both the guitar and drums and most of all, he is the best skater on the campus.

Sometimes he would sit beside me and copy my answers in the assignment given days ago but normally he would just sit beside me to tell stories. This was not unusual of him to sit beside a girl because sometimes you'll see him surrounded by a group of girls, making them laugh with the way he criticizes the teacher and some fellow classmate.

But with his funny statements and his wild array of topics, it wasn't long till I fell for him.

His name is Matthew, Matt for short and he's the boy I never thought I'd ever fall for.