I found myself walking down the streets of Saline that sunny but windy Saturday morning. I was going to Matt's apartment in Clayton Avenue. It was 8:00 am, Matt told me that he would pick me up at my house later but I couldn't let mom see Matt. Mom is still depressed about everything she told me yesterday so I decided to go to Matt's apartment by myself. I'm not going there to accompany Matt to Shawn's dad, Hector; I'm going there to convince Matt not to go. I still kept in mind mom's warning about going to Hector. I did not want any of those to happen so I needed to convince Matt with all my might.

After several minutes of walking, I finally reached Matt's apartment. I needed to walk for quite a long distance because the bus stop was far from their apartment. There were also no taxis that would dare to go to this place. This neighborhood is famous because of its long record of crimes and gang wars. There are many unsolved crimes in this place and some say this is the place where the most wanted criminals would hide. It was not the best place to live in but I guess it's the best choice for Sigourney to hide in. Remembering how dangerous this place was, I felt quite uneasy. I looked around for any sign of anything out of the ordinary but there were no one in sight. "I guess they're all sleeping" I told myself. I looked up the 3 storied building in front of me and I remembered what Matt told us about his mother, or the person he thought to be his mother. He told us that she was sick. "I wonder if she's here or in the hospital" I told myself. "Matt lives at the 5th floor" I gasped as I realized how high it was. "I have a long way to go." I took one last look at the worn out building and took one deep breath before heading up the stairs.

I reached the 5th floor of the apartment breathless. I even needed to stop for a while just to catch my breath. After finally doing so, I walked through the 5th floor, trying to find Matt's room among the several rows of doors. After several minutes of searching, I already wanted to give up until I spotted a door that had a sign that read "Sigourney Russell". I sighted in relief and quickly approached the wooden blue door. "I wonder if any ones home" I told myself before knocking at the door three times. I waited but after a while, I sensed absolutely no movement inside. I started to get worried if Matt went to our house early and I wasn't able to catch him. I knocked again just to make sure that no one was home but this time, I heard some noises inside. It sounded like someone was approaching the.

The blue door swung open, revealing Matt… shirtless. His tan skin reflected the sunlight, his abs and biceps were very noticeable and he was sweating all over. I froze in spot, not realizing that I was staring right at his shirtless body. "Chareyna? What are you doing here?" he asked me with curiosity all over his face. I did not reply for I was still quite speechless. His curiosity grew even more and it was not that long till he finally realized that he had no shirt on. He quickly dashed into the room, disappearing from my sight. I just heard the sound of him running about and the sound of things falling as he passed by them. In not more than 2 minutes, he finally came outside wearing a black shirt that says "Skate or Die".

"Sorry about that, I was working out when you came" he explained while he scratched the back of his head. I closed my eyes and shook my head in a dire attempt to regain my composure. When I opened my eyes again, he was staring curiously at me, I guess he noticed that I was quite dazed of seeing him shirtless. Before I could even say a thing, he asked "Want to come inside?" I just smiled at him and nodded. I really did not want to talk to him here outside where there might be some people listening, so inside his apartment would be the best place to talk. He tilted his body side wards so that I could pass through and when I was inside, he closed the door.

The moment I got inside, I immediately noticed that things were quite unorganized. There was a plant box that dropped to the floor, the sofa turned sideways and there was a skateboard on top of the television. "All of those were fixed until a while ago when I rushed to put a shirt on" Matt explained as he leaned against the wall behind me. I turned around, gave a sarcastic smile and said "So, the skateboard got on top of the television the same way as the others?'" He then folded his arms and smiled. "Well you know how skateboards are, they accidentally go to places you don't want them to be" he told me and I raised a brow at him. "Just like how it came to your room yesterday" he continued. I felt my cheeks burn up as I remembered what Yuji told me yesterday. "I was sleeping! I didn't know that I was actually hugging Matt!" I thought to myself. I turned the other way to avoid his gaze and told him "Anyways, I have something to tell you. That's why I'm here" I felt him tap my shoulder and said "Then come take a seat" He then fixed the plant box and sofa but he didn't remove the skateboard on top of the television. He just sat down at the sofa and I followed, sitting just beside him.

Matt glanced at the wall clock and immediately looked at me. "It's just 8:30, I was supposed to pick you up at 10. You should have just waited for me at your house, rather than coming here. You do know that this place is quite dangerous" he told me. I was stared at him as I thought of a good answer to his question; I noticed that his face was a mixture of curiosity and concern. "What I have to tell you can't wait that long" I told him and he stared at me. "Then you should have called me so I could have come earlier" he said. "I'm sorry, calling you didn't come to my mind earlier" I told him. Actually, calling him did come to my mind before coming here but I knew that mom couldn't take to see him right now. So the best thing I could do was coming here. Matt leaned back and smiled. "So what's this important thing that can't wait?" he asked me. I could feel my hand and feet shaking. It felt like I couldn't tell him, but if I don't, surely a bigger problem would occur. I took a deep breath and said "I think we shouldn't go to Shawn's dad anymore"

"Why not?" Matt asked me as he looked at me with his curios brown eyes. I knew telling him about everything mom told me yesterday would be the worst thing to say. I already thought out of a good excuse before going here but I seemed to have forgotten it by all the tension I was feeling. Not remembering it, I just told him the first thing that came to my mind. "Shawn's father is a really busy man. He might not have the time to talk to us seriously or even to see us" I told him. He was silent for a while; it seemed that he was thinking of something. "It's because of Shawn isn't it?" he asked me. I was taken aback by what he said, I already expected him not to agree with me that easily but I did not expect him to think that way.

"What?" I asked him. I felt how frustrated he felt, even if he would not show it in his emotions, I can see it in his eyes.

"That's not the real reason why you don't want me to go, right?" he told me and I jerked. "You don't want me to go because you want to spend some time with Shawn and without me around, you two can do everything you want to do" he continued.

I was stunned by what he said. That was not the reason at all. I just obeyed mom's warning not to go there because Hector might recognize us. But even if I knew that Matt was wrong, I still can't tell him the real reason. All I was able to do was to oppose "No! You're wrong!"

It seemed that he did not even care about my objection and continued to explain "You spend so much of your time on a guy that does not even truly like you at all"

Curiosity grew inside me. Shawn showed me the garden that he was supposed to bring the girl he liked the most and told me that he really liked me. I, for one, felt Shawn's sincerity when he said that. I could not understand why Matt would tell me that Shawn did not really like me. "You have absolutely no proof!"

Matt leaned closer to me and said "Do you remember when you saw me and Shawn talking at the party?" I nodded and he continued "That was the time he admitted everything"

"Everything?" I asked him and I felt my hand shaking.

Matt seemed to noticed that my hand trembling because he held my hand before continuing "That he does not really like you. He told me that he was just saying that because he needs something from you. And I'm sure when he gets that; he'll leave you like nothing happened."