Tell Me Please.

I don't know why,

I feel this way inside,

Why theres tiny voices in the back

Of my head whispering constanly

'They all want you dead.'

'Why won't you just die!?'

Sometimes I feel all I do at night

Is stay up and cry.

Over something of the unknown.

There's no recent drama,

Because she's been locked back up,

There's been no sudden deaths,

Except maybe thoughts of mine,

I'm not abused,

Is there something really wrong with my mind?

I have a 'normal' family.

Then can someone please tell me

What's wrong in my head?

Tell me why I keep having all these

Thoughts about my sudden death.

Is my mom right?

About how maybe something

Happened to me in the dead of the night?

But that it's all lost deep, down inside me.

But I'm not even fourteen yet,

I'm not ready to face death.

Can anyone of you

Tell that tiny voice gnawing at my mind

To just go 'way?

Can you tell IT I'm still alive,

And that I really don't want to die?

Can any of you really tell me

What's wrong with my mind?

Or will you all just leave me alone,

To slowly get lost in this uncontrollable mess?