AN So here's Rachel's story. I mostly wanted to do this to get into her head to know what she'd do to Nora. Hopefully it helps you understand her a little more. :) This takes place right after the end of Chapter 14.


The Inner-Workings of a First-Class Drama Queen's Mind


So, seriously, who exactly did Daniel Greyson think he was? I mean, he was a total hottie, but that did not excuse his behavior. I still couldn't believe, as I drove away from the pizza parlor that night, that he'd turned me down.


I'd practically thrown myself at him and for what? For him to push me away and say "I don't want you."

Stupid man.

I stopped at a red light and sat, glaring at the stupid light, waiting for it to turn green. Danny always was a patient driver. Not like me. That's part of what I liked about him. He balanced me. And he made me feel worth something. But not anymore.

Stupid man.

The light switched to green and I gunned the engine, quickly reaching and passing the speed limit.

I'd met Daniel about a year ago, though I'd known of him in a vague, never-really-thought-about-him sort of way before that. I'd recently dumped my loser of a boyfriend at the time, since he wasn't respectful of me. Always wanting to do what he was interested in, but never what I liked. He moved away shortly after that, anyway. But then I noticed Danny, really noticed him, for the first time.

His looks were average, with the brown hair, brown eyes, average guy height. But they were like the perfection of average. Movie-star average, if that even makes sense. And he had a nice athlete's body. Add to all that the fact that he was smart and sweet and just a nice guy – I wanted him. And I got him.

For a year. But then he had to go and dump me.

Stupid man.

I reached my house, pulled into the four-car-garage where my spot was, and ran up to my bedroom. I thought I saw my mom in the hearth-room and my dad's light was on in his study, but I didn't feel like talking to them. My brother Paul was probably out with his perfect girlfriend (almost fiancé; he told me he was going to propose soon). Paul was living at home while finishing his college, then he'd join our dad in the family business, which was a small chain of gift shops. My mom researched the stuff to buy for the store, my dad managed the business side of things, and my brother would take over for my dad when he retired. He was the perfect son.

I snorted as I slammed my bedroom door, pausing for a moment to survey the space. Pink-and-white striped walls, dark brown furniture, and pink-and-brown bedspread and curtains. It was done professionally. Sorta something I liked, but I always felt that I'd grown into the room rather than it being designed with me in mind.

Like my whole life. My parents had the perfect son, with the perfect jobs and perfect house and perfect son. Where was I supposed to fit in? I wasn't good at school, I didn't like crafty things like they had in the gift shops, and I hated being in the shops themselves. So I did my best to fit into a mold of what the perfect daughter would be. I joined the cheer squad, constantly read magazines to keep up on gossip and the latest fashion, and used my allowance to keep myself up with that fashion.

I threw my purse on my bed, stomped to my closet, and pulled out a set velour pants and hooded jacket. Stripping to my tank-top and panties, I quickly pulled on the pale pink pants and shrugged into the jacket. Once it was zipped, I shoved my purse from my bed to the floor and flopped heavily onto the bed.

What should I do about stupid Nora? What a dumb name, anyway. I rolled my eyes. Of course Daniel would fall for a loser like her. He had a dumb name, too. I mean, come on. Daniel? Tristen or Jayden or Lucas or something would be cool. But Daniel? At least it wasn't Ezekiel, like his little brother.

"Arghh!" I sat up on my bed, frustrated that my mind kept wandering. "What am I supposed to do? How do I fight something I don't know?"

But maybe that was the answer. I didn't know anything about Nora. No one did. She'd been practically invisible until the day Danny ran into her in the hallway. Yeah, I'd heard all about that.

So if going after Danny wasn't going to work, I guessed I'd have to get at them through Nora.

My stomach twisted uncomfortably as I thought of that. I mean, she really wasn't a mean girl or even all that loserish. And when I tried to threaten her, she hadn't been mean back. She just told me politely that she wasn't going to back off because of what I said. I almost wished I could be her friend instead. Almost.

But I wouldn't. Because she had what I wanted. So she had to go down.

I grabbed my laptop from the bedside table, opening it up and waiting for it to boot up. I really needed to talk to Daddy about a newer computer that started up faster.

After a few unending seconds, the computer was ready. I opened the web browser and entered Leanora Porter in the search engine. Not much was actually about the Leanora Porter I was interested in (who knew there was more than one person with that heinous name?), but about half-way down the page, there was a link to our school website. I used my username and password to access the site. I found out that she was in band (already knew that), that she was on honor roll (no surprise there), and that she had completed her service hours already (again, no surprise). I opened up my instant messenger, hoping I wasn't the only person home and online on a Saturday night. I felt like a loser.

After talking to a few people, I found out that she was really shy, hated attention, and that it was really out of character for her to be speaking to people like she had been recently. No one that I talked to knew why she was so shy, since she seemed nice to them. No one really had anything against her, either. So it'd be difficult to find someone to help me do anything against her.

Most of this I could have guessed on my own.

Should I spread a bad rumor about her? Pour something gross all over her in the middle of the cafeteria? Write something on her locker? It all seemed too middle-school. Drumming my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop, I thought for a little while. After a little while, I shut down my computer, tossed it onto the bedside table (secretly hoping it'd break so I could convince Daddy to get me a new one), and climbed into bed.

As I shut off the light, I knew that I'd have to do this really sneakily. No one could know that I had anything against Nora. And it'd have to look like she had something against me.

Now, how to pull it off?