Warning: Contains incest as a major topic. If you don't like, don't read, it's as simple as that.

Little Brother, Prologue

I honestly don't know how long I've been like this, but it must have been since I was very young. The first time I remember feeling like this was on our birthday when we were both 11 years old. My sister kissed me happy birthday, and it felt... good. That's probably when I first became aware of these feelings. But since I was 15 or so, I've been trying to subdue them, unsuccessfully I must admit. I know that siblings shouldn't be lovers, but that just makes me wish we weren't twin brother and sister, and I still can't masturbate over porn that doesn't have the girl with long black hair and brown eyes.

I'm Ren by the way, Ren Kokoro, and my, very slightly older, twin sister is called Yui. Our parents are both Japanese, but they moved to England before we were born, and Yui and I have never lived anywhere else, and neither of us actually speak our parent's language, beyond saying 'good morning.' My mother died eight, no nine years ago. It was so long ago that my memories of her have started to fade, as have Yui's.

Yui and I are now 17, and we both attend a mixed secondary school. We live in a flat in Canterbury, with our businessman father. He's forever on trips though, especially since the recession, and he spends more time in London than he does at home. It's a pain in some ways, but it means that Yui and I are often left on our own during the week, which neither of us really object to, although for vastly different reasons. Yui likes it because she doesn't have to have Dad breathing down her neck and asking where she's going or been. I like it because it means I get to spend time alone with Yui.

I really do know I shouldn't have these feelings for her, but you try falling out of love with somebody you've had feelings for for the last six years at least. And it's not like she discourages me, she's forever walking round the flat when Dad's away wearing little more than a pair of shorts (very short ones) and a sports bra. It's almost like she wants me to do something to her. If I did, would she stop me?

What am I thinking? I dunno, but whatever I am thinking, I shouldn't be.

As I said before, Yui and I go to the same school. We're also in the same class, with her on the row of desks right in front of me, just one to my right. Having her right there makes it hard to concentrait on anything else sometimes, but I do my best to ignore her, although she has a tendancy to face to her left to talk to her best friend, giving me a good view of her face, is rather off-putting.

It was one particular day that things seemed pretty normal. I was talking to my friends Davy and Nick, while my sister was chatting to her friends Catherine and Shana. How to remember them all: Davy had the largest ears ever, Nick was a genius with glasses, Catherine was Davy's girlfriend, and was minorly obssesive and clingy, and Shana had bright green hair, which she claimed was natural.

Staring over everything from the far right of my row was my sister's boyfriend, know to me pretty much only as 'Wolfie.' Why he had that nickname, I don't think anybody has a clue, even Wolfie. Regardless, I never liked him, for one, he was dating my sister, and also he's a git most of the time, but gets away with it because, unfortunately, he's clever, as in really clever, especially at maths. It's said that he can kill a guy by reciting equations at them until their brain melts. Why do I make so much mention of him? You'll see soon.

Anyway, things continued as normal, with Davy teasing me and Nick for not having girlfriends yet, and our teacher telling us to be quiet. Everything continued as normal, until the last bell rang, and almost everybody filed out of the classroom. Davy, Nick and I were being rather slow, as we all walked home together, along with Wolfie and the girls, and Wolfie had asked for some privacy to be with Yui for a while, so we respected that, much as I would have liked to tear out his throat.

"So, how long do you guys think Yui and Wolfie are gonna last, I mean, they've only been together a month, and I think Wolfie's eye's been slipping towards Shana," Davy said.

"Oh really, I doubt it, although I wouldn't put it past Wolfie. He always did like his green haired girls from those anime shows he always watches," Nick voiced his opinion.

"Guys, if you're going to discuss Sis's relationship, please don't make me a party to it," I said, as I walked over to the door and opened it, stepping out.

The three of us walked to the gates, with my friends still discussing my sister and Wolfie. I have a feeling that they were tempting fate with their conversation though, as I saw my sister running, in tears, out the front gate, while Wolfie stood to one side, a sad look in his eyes. I ran up to him, "What the fuck did you do?"

"I broke up with her."


"Because I'd had enough, alright?"

"What, so there isn't somebody else?"

He blinked, and looked slightly surprised, before saying, "Not as such."

That was enough, I punched him straight in the stomach, then swung my leg round into his side, before sprinting off after my sister, leaving a rather bewildered Nick and Davy in my wake.

When I reached home, I went in quietly, closing the door as close to silently as I could manage. I heard sobbing, and went straight to my sister's room, and looked through the slightly open door into her bedroom. She was face-down on her bed, crying. I stepped in and put a hand on her shoulder, and felt her shudder slightly, before looking up at me, tear-stains streaked down her face.

In a moment she had grabbed me and was crying into my shoulder. I put an arm around her, and hugged her. I murmured a few words to try to console her, "It's okay... I'm here..." all that sort of stuff.

Then something happened that I didn't expect, she raised her head and spoke softly, "Thanks, little brother." Then she lent forward and pressed her lips to mine.

My mind went blank, then registered that I was kissing my sister.

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