Little Brother Ch2

When I woke, I felt two things. First was my sister pressed against me, still asleep. Her warmth felt wonderful, and her scent was divine. The second thing that I felt... my boxers were wet, and sticky... I'd had one of those dreams during the night, and yes, it was about Yui.

I moved to get out of the bed, then realised that Yui still had her arms tightly around me. I tried to get myself free, rather unsuccessfully, as I didn't want to wake Yui, so I wasn't trying too hard.

Then her alarm went off.

Yui stirred, and her eyes cracked open. When she saw me, she smiled, "Ren... good morning."

"Sis... morning."

She sleepily smiled at me, then nuzzled her head against my chest, "You're warm..."

I blushed, this was possibly the most unexpected thing that could have happened. I was hot, and a part of me was... well you can imagine roughly what was happening to me. "S-sis?"

Yui hit the still ringing alarm clock, "Silly me, I shouldn't have left that on... today's a Saturday anyway..." She looked at me, then smiled, "Something wrong Ren?"

"N-no... It's just you seem in a good mood this morning."

"You too..." She said, putting her hand somewhere where it shouldn't be. "You're all sticky... I should help you clean that..."

I flushed bright red. "N-no... I'll go take a shower..." I quickly removed myself from her grip and made my way to the door.

"Maybe we should have one together..." Yui said, and I could hear the smirk on her face without seeing it.

I quickly made my way out. My first thought was 'Cold shower.'

As I washed myself in the shower, which I'd turned the heat of up after I'd sorted out that problem, I thought about what happened. Was my sister trying to tease me? Did she know about my sister complex? Gods forbid that she did. Unless... she liked it.

I shook myself. Why would she like it? She clearly didn't have any interest in me, she'd been dating Wolfie up until two days ago, and he dumped her, not the other way around. She didn't have feelings for me. She must have been teasing me.

Having decided that, I stepped out of the shower. As I dressed myself, I thoughroughly convinced myself of it. Then I stepped out of the bathroom. Yui stood leaning against the wall opposite the door, clearly waiting for me. She looked up when I came out, "R-Ren! Dad called. Apparently he's got to stay the weekend as well, so he's not gonna be back for another week."

I nodded, "'Kay."

I turned to walk away, when Yui put her hand on my shoulder, "Ren... about earlier..."


She looked embaressed, "I'm... sorry about that... I just..." she looked away.

"What is it?" I asked, slightly irritated.

"It's nothing..." Yui said, turning to leave, but this time my hand stopped her.

"If you have something to say, then you should say it."

"Ren...I..." she looked very flustered, and it was only then that I noticed how close our faces were to each other.

I subconsciously pulled back, but she stopped me, "Ren..." she leaned towards me, her lips inching towards mine.

I put my hand out to stop her, "Yui, what the Hell are you doing?"

"Ren... I...," she gulped, "I like you... more than I should..."

"W-what?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This couldn't be true.

"Ren... I lo..."

"NO! Stop it!" I said, pushing her away quickly, trying to stop what was now near-inevitable.

She grabbed onto me again, "But Ren, it's true, I lo..."

"I KNOW!" I shouted, pulling out of her grip. "But if you say it... I won't be able to stop myself."

"Ren, you don't have to, so please don't try" she said, almost pleadingly. I knew I had to stop this, before Yui and I ended up doing something we'd regret.

"What the hell are you talking about? We're siblings! Brother and sister! What do think'd happen? Imagine if somebody found out, imagine what'd happen then!"

"I don't care Ren, I just..."

"Don't care? Yui, that sort of thing is illegal, and immoral, and I can't let you do that sort of thing."

"What about yourself, rather than me?" she asked me plainly.

"I...I..." I was unable to speak. There were two choices before me, one would be to lie, say that I would never do it, but she'd see through that instantly. The other choice was to tell the truth, and live with the consequences.

Before I could speak, Yui advanced towards me once more, "It's okay Ren, I want it too, so badly. I'm willing to risk all the bad that comes with it. I love you."

She'd said those words now, and I couldn't even try to deny her feelings any more. As Yui came closer, I didn't offer any resistance, and as she pressed her lips to mine, I pressed back.

How we had found our way to her bedroom, I don't remember, how we had managed to get to the bed, I've no idea. What we did when we got there, I know exactly.

I lay naked next to my equally naked sister, and looked up at the ceiling. Yui moved towards me, pressing herself against me, "Ren... are you okay?"

I looked at her, and smiled, "Right now, I'm feeling amazing. I'm feeling like there's nothing that could make me sad... except..."

"The world isn't that nice a place as to leave us alone," Yui said, a slight frown appearing on her face.

"Yeah, that's true." I looked up at the ceiling again. "But there are some places where this isn't illegal... one day, we can go there, and even if it's frowned on, we can be together."

"What do you mean?" Yui asked, wide-eyed.

"We can leave this country behind, and live somewhere else, even if we can't marry, we can be together like this."

Yui nuzzled her head against my side, "That'd be good. Because Ren, I want to be with you," she raised her head to look at me, and she smiled, "I want to be with you forever, okay?"

I smiled back, "Definately."

Over the months that followed, Yui and I slept together a lot. Since Dad wasn't there most of the time, it was easy to do it and not get caught. Nobody suspected anything, at least, I don't think they did, although Wolfie might have guessed something, I'm not sure. Anyway, we did eventually leave the country, for another where, while we weren't exactly well understood, at least we didn't have to worry about the police.

But we always stayed together, forever.

A/N: Yeah, it's over. Mainly because I want to end this before it turns to rubbish, and I can't think of much else to happen. Some of the characters might get recycled though, so let me know if you really liked any of them. I'll let you fill in the gaps for the rest of their lives yourself.

And for the record, while it is frowned on everywhere, incest isn't illegal in every country, so what Ren talks about at the end is possible.

So, until my next forey among the world of original writing.

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