Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It started with real life individuals but any resemblance to those depicted is purely coincidental now.

This Was Yours

Summary: For those who endeavor to create, it sometimes really starts with just one brick.

The boy returned the toy I lent him before he and his family went back to Holland. I don't doubt that some day I may meet them again. Anything could happen.

That should have been the end of that chapter of my life. What would have happened if it didn't end there with that small gesture of friendship?

Just then when you least expect it, the muses came up with something quite extraordinary. Actually, it's been staring at me for a couple of months now. Why didn't I think of it before?


Well. Not everything had been returned. On the way to the airport, the boy fiddled with the object in his pants pockets. He had kept it hidden until they boarded the plane. His mother asked him what it was.

"Niets." Nothing, he told her.

Turning it over in his hand, he took a good look at it under the cabin lights. A perfectly symmetrical rectangular red block with six round bumps on top, each with the LEGO brand on it. From the time he held the toy car that girl had made for him, he had learned to take it apart and put it back together again. For the fun of it, he had given everything else back in pieces. The last being a wheel that had rolled under the sofa. It wasn't like she was going to miss one piece. He replaced the brick in his pocket and laid back for the long flight home.

For his next birthday, the boy knew what he wanted to get. He asked his parents for more Lego. He had got his wish.

"Dank u ma." He thanked his mother.

That was just the beginning.

He looked at his own brand new Lego set with awe. There was twice as many pieces here than what the girl had in her room. He wouldn't need his old toys anymore. It tickled his imagination just how many things he could make, brick by brick.

His bedroom was a modest size, but still small. He was going to need shelve space for his new toys.

"Give it back!"

The boy's brothers passed the toy train back and forth teasingly between them, always keeping it high enough so he couldn't easily reach and snatch it from them.

"This is pretty good."

They were just jealous because they didn't make it themselves.

He spent days building and demolishing model after model. Keeping the ones he liked. He had constructed everything depicted on the display box already. This was the first real model he had designed himself.

His brothers must have overheard him playing with it in his room. When he wasn't around, they stole into his room and took it away from him. So much for privacy.

"You have plenty to play with. We'll just keep this one for ourselves."

Big brothers can be so mean sometimes. He was just glad that someday soon, he would be as tall as they were, but still that day was too far away for his liking.

Lea Ai suggested I develop a fic to follow A Dutch Summer in Toronto. So I came up with this. The subject is a bit unusal, but it really suited me.

I've only attempted no more than a couple phrases of Dutch.

The parents were Taishanese. As with most overseas Chinese, their children would understand the language but not know how to speak it. I grew up hearing the Taishan dialect, I wanted to inject some of it into this fic, but I couldn't find any useful references on how to Anglicize it.