This is a tale about a beast, not the beast you would imagine though. This beast was a fairy, part of the Seelie court, and even though he was handsome with long black hair and piercing blue eyes, he had suffered a great loss, and through his anger and hurt had become a beast. So much so that the Seelie queen banished him from the court to a far off castle in modern day England.

As with all these tales, there is also a beauty, but again she's not what you would imagine. This beauty is no faint hearted maiden, no she's an American and independent as can be. Not the type to ever need a man to come to her rescue, no more likely she would figure out how to free herself.

But this is a fairy tale after all, no matter the appearance of the beast or the nature of the beauty, and as with all fairy tales it begins the traditional way….

Once upon a time….

"Wait!" Alishya called, running out of the small castle she had been touring with the rest of her group. She had stopped to find a bathroom and gotten separated and horribly lost. By the time she had found her way out, the bus that had brought her and the others here was already roaring down the road, the driver oblivious to the fact that she hadn't boarded.

After a few moments of chasing after the bus Alishya gave up with a sigh.

She would have to walk, hopefully finding some gas station or house where she could call her fiancée Micah and tell him what had happened.

Looking around her, she sighed again, this part of England was so rural that her chances of finding a herd of sheep was better then finding a nearby gas station.

She hoisted her small backpack over her shoulder and started down the road, praying that she could find somewhere that had a telephone before nightfall.

She had been walking for hours, with no luck at finding any kind of place that would have a phone or a car, it seemed like this part of the country was still in the dark ages, most of the old buildings crumbling and unused.

Alishya stopped for a moment, rubbing her foot where she was sure she would have a blister when she suddenly saw a light in the distance.

"Finally," she muttered and started toward it, a castle loomed out of the growing dusk so fast, she could've sworn it appeared by magic.

"Yeah, you're losing it Cooper," she said softly, as she walked toward the front door of the castle.

She stopped and knocked on the door, then jumped with a startled gasp as the door opened by itself.

""Great security," she said, then walked into the front hall.

"Hello?" She called, "is anyone home? I need to use your phone."She stopped and listened, but didn't hear anything so she walked further into the house.

"Hello," she called again, but all she heard was silence.

She shrugged her shoulders and decided to look for a phone, if the owners of the castle came home, she would explain and hope they didn't charge her with breaking and entering.

She walked into a large room, and looked around, gasping in wonder at all the beautiful sculptures and paintings that were in it.

Alyshia slowly walked through the room, until she came to a large stair case and slowly began to ascend it.

She had just reached the top steps when a man suddenly appeared before her.

"What are you doing here?" He growled and she shrieked, stepping back, not realizing how close to the staircase she was.

Shrieking again she started to fall backwards, but the man was there, moving as if by magic.

He caught her before she had to chance to fall backwards, pulling her into his arms.

Alyshia stared up into his deep blue eyes.

"Who are you?" She whispered, before suddenly slipping into unconsciousness.