If you think that this earth has indefinite life, Matthew 24:3-to-14 has the clues

That Disciples were asking of Jesus to tell (in verse 3, written down for us all to peruse)

Of His coming, and also the end of the age (or the world); and so here are the warnings from Jesus,
Well worth noting and sharing and preaching, regardless of how much the secular media teases.

In verse 4, there's prediction that people will come and pretend to be Jesus, advancing deceit

And fool many. Verse 16 says Christians (pursued by the worst Awful Horror) must run and retreat

From a message that Heaven is open to us, if we work our way there, through traditions of earning.

We have seen the false Christs on TV try to mimic the real Jesus, whom we await with great yearning.

In verse 6 through to 7, we're told there'll be battles as countries fight countries in war after war.

From the 20th Century through to the present, the frequency's gone up, like never before;

With two World Wars, and others in Israel and Palestine and in Iraq in the decades more recent,

All belittling the value of human existence, with racist disharmony threatening what's decent.

And verse 7 continues, to mention the famines all over and also the Earth facing quakes.

In 2006, there was famine in Africa (worst in all history), when all that it takes

Is to stop spending billions on weapons, as though their atrocities left us with total amnesia.

There are earthquakes in China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (thousands dead) and Indonesia.

So intensity rises of famines and earthquakes and wars, all to signal the end of the earth.

In verse 8, Jesus says these will be like the first groaning pains as a mother begins to give birth.

In verse 10, we are told that a lot will abandon their faith, and be given to hate and betrayal,

As they blindly play up to the tempter to sin, who will pay the price, changing his name to Azael.

Now this doesn't deny Jesus' other assertion, that no-one will know the exact hour of day.

But his prophecies clearly are all proven true, and we must hear what Luke 21 has to say.

Jesus will not allow things to go on as are, in a world full of suffering so saturated

In the violence and decadent wanton destruction (some call entertainment). So read what He stated.

Verse 11 says many will fall for deception, as evil will spread, when false prophets appear,

Like the man back in '92, giving the false date of Jesus' return. Yet the end will draw near.

In verse 14, the greatest of signs is revealed, that the Gospel is preached everywhere on the planet,

To be witnessed by all, and then Jesus will bring the world's end, just as surely as Jesus began it.

And this also is happening, with TV evangeslists' messages screening, all over our sphere;

So that everyone living in end times is given their own opportunity, firstly to hear

All the Good News of Jesus (the Way and the Truth and the Life) who can put people right with our father

In His kingdom, which leaves them the choice to invite Him, or just go on sinning to death, if they'd rather.

In 2 Timothy 3:1-to-5, there are more signs, much closer to home than those more distant wars.
If you go back 100 years, people would go out to work or the shops, without locking their doors.

But now people are selfish and reckless and treacherous, robbing and killing, and acting ungrateful

For the principles taught in the Bible; while Christians find those (whom they try to reach) often more hateful.

In the first 1900s, a murder was rare. Now they're daily news items. And then there's road rage:

An example of verse 2's "abusive" behaviour, thus heralding times of the end of the age.

There are those who love pleasure, with no time for God, and the men (who committed first rape and then murder

On a girl only 8 years old) thinking she died alone, blind to the fact that the Son of God heard her.

Matthew 24:30-33 says what will happen, when numbers of signs become big.

It will be like the branches of trees growing tender, when summer approaches, affecting the fig.
Those in Christ can look forward to Jesus appearing, on clouds, to send angels to all the four corners

Of the world, who will gather His people. So turn and become one, for those left behind won't have mourners.