Chapter1 Cowboy

I road along in the chocking dust of the wagon train I had picked up their trail earlier that day and ask the wagon master if I could tag along he said fall in line behind the last wagon that he would be happy to have me. By days end I was sick of the dust very hungry and angry as hell, plus my butt hurt from being in the saddle all day. Taking care of my horse was a chore but it was something I had to do because I did not want to wind up walking the next day, bufflo chips we easy to find and I soon had a fire started and coffee on. I saw a man walking towards my fire and I was in no mood for company but put a smile on my face, hello their my name is Zachary Hunter shacking his hand I said (glad to meet you my name is Tyler Campbell) we saw you join the train and my wife was wondering if you would like some vegetal soup (no thanks Ill just have my coffee and some hard tack) ok then have a nice evening (you do the same Mr. Hunter) turning I took the pot off the fire and pored coffee in to a cup good I was glad he was gone. It did not take me long to have my evening meal and roll up in a blanket and go to sleep a saddle tramp life was hard and I needed all the rest I could get and with the added safety of the wagon train I would sleep well tonight.

Wagon master came by next morning (hello Denver) Tyler (glad to see you) was surprised to see you out this far by you're self (was not by my self when I started) what happened? (Horse stepped in a hole threw him and broke his neck had to shoot the horse) anyone I know (don't think so just a saddle tramp like me) Glad to hear that where you headed? (Back to Black Lake) you are welcome to tag along with us an extra riffle is always handy (thanks Denver) the wagon master moved on I started packing my things.

As he passed by the wagons he heard a voice call Mr. Pack "yes Ms. Hunter what can I do for you" Do you know that young man?" Yes Ms. Hunter I know him" So I can feel safe with him around" he ok I would not trust him with a gun, horse or money but you are safe" The trip in to Black Lake took a week and all Tyler had to show for it was two inches of dust covering for head too toe when they reached town, he headed for the stable found Mr. Garrett (I'm back again can I have the same deal as last time?)"Yes Tyler you can bed the horse and you're self as long as you help me with the work" (ok by me)'go out back to the rain barrel and wash up you look a mess' (yes sir) As he headed out back he thought good I thought I had seen the last of this place but lady luck had turned her back on him once again.

After mucking the stable and feeding the stock I went up the steps too the loft where their was a room in it was a bed ,stove it had been mine ever since I had got hear from Boston three years earlier. I had learned the ways of the west I wore a six gun, carried a rifle and could ride a horse I was a better shot with the riffle and very slow on the draw I could ride heard on cattle and rope a cow with the best of them and at round up time you could find me on the range working cattle. The rest of the year I was a stable hand I had been trying to change that when I left town with Red but when he got himself killed I headed right back to where I had a job and a place to live. Five dollars a month wasn't much money but it keep me eating and in the long run that was all that mattered to me right now.