Chapter 9 Cowboy

Up next morning we ate breakfast cleaned up went to the barn got down the axes and the saw hook a team to the wagon and headed down the road until we found a good stand of trees where we set about cutting them chopping them up and loading the wagon we repeated the process for the next three days laying in quite a bit of wood for the farm. On the fourth day we just sat on the porch watching the herd grazing their were twenty of them now' what you going to do Tyler when the new boss shows up quit or stay on?"(Oh I'm thinking about staying I have no place else to be)"will my friend if you stay then Ill stay too" (thanks Mex glad to have someone I know around the bank house)"come on my boy lets saddle our horses and have a closer look at the herd. Coming in at supper time we fixed our meal, ate, cleaned up"Hey Tyler want to play some checkers?"(Get out the board)I pulled out the chair and sat at the table Mex brought the board over and set it up." Go on first mover is yours "I lost the first two games but in the third game I was doing better (king me Mex I've got you now) and I went on to win we spent the next hour playing I lost more games than I won. Yawning I told Mex(think Ill hit the sack)getting up from the table I headed for my bunk laid down pulled the cover over me and was fast to sleep

I got up Tuesday morning washed my face put on a clean shirt started a fire in the stove wile I waited for it to get hot, Mex got up I put on the coffee pot and started making our cleaned up him self made booth beds and sat at the table" wonder why Mr. Burns did not show up yesterday?" I slapped pan cakes on his plate carried it too the table (I've no idea my friend) I went back to the stove got me a plate of pan cakes and with coffee pot in hand went to the table sat down pored booth of us a cup of coffee we had our meal cleaned up the mess and headed out to work. Our first job was to muck out the barn them we groomed the horses, saddle up and rode out to check on the herd. When we reached the cattle I saw five new calf's our heard had growing again (hey Mex look, more work)"I see them my man and that is called job security, we need to get out the branding iron again" (we can do that tomorrow) we moved the cattle to a field closer to the house where their was fresh grass for them. Noon time saw us back at the bunk house having lunch on the porch when two men came ridding in one leading a string of eight horses they pulled to a stop the older one ask" which one of you is Tyler?" getting up I said (that be me)"my name is Burns" he got down from his horse came over shook my hand(we were looking for you to be hear yesterday)"got a late start" he turned to the younger man" put them horses up Michael" turning back to me "lets have a seat we have some things to talk over look boys I bought this place as a favor to Ms. Douglas I all ready have the next ranch over so hear the deal I brought Michael over to help and I want you to stay on as foreman Tyler how's that sound"(I like that deal just fine Mr. Burns)"good you can move you're things to the house its yours to stay in as long as you work hear Mex and Michael can use the bunk house, the pay is twenty dollars a month for foreman and for you Mex its ten a month do we have a deal" booth Mex and I said yes" good glad to have you boys" Now take me to see the heard" We got on our horses and rode out to the field where they were" not much of a heard Tyler"(no sir not yet but it keep getting a little larger each year)"tell me about Mex"(he a good hand sir showed up hear last year broke Ms. Douglas took him in)"know any thing else about him"(just that he from Texas that why we call him Mex I don't even know his given name)"I see will if you like him that good enough for me"