If I were black I would speak of my roots
and how my people
like Jews
rose above five thousand years of
snaketonguevenom – pooling at their ankles
and calling them a dumb ignorant kike-monkey

but (white) boy, blood always tells – it
at my feet too because I can't say nigger
and I let Damarcus call me a fool-playin-bass.

I take the drugs you can't afford:
Havitol, Wansommor, Thabadiakrise, but I don't toke
because they don't tolerate that nonsense

where I come from

I was allowed seventh chances and
my mistakes, no they weren't permanent and
you should have told me you wanted that too
instead of spiting me with contrast eyeballs
and teaching me a new word before you sent me away,
to play with the other white kids who said
"don't play with
them they won't let you"

And I am not to call you brother
because blood lies
at our feet
and I did not drink from your mother's breast
because it was not offered

so I learned to crave
what you put in its place.