A young woman lay on a bed, clutching her swollen stomach in pain. Her long ebony hair trailed around her head as her ruby red lips cried out for help. A young man with slick black hair sat by her bedside, clutching one of her trembling hands. The woman cried out in pain again.

"Oh God!" she cried gripping the young man's hand, her nails digging into his skin "I feel as if my whole body is on fire!"

She shrieked again as a doctor and his nurse rushed to help her. The woman gripped the sheets yelling in pain with all of her lungs. She breathed heavily as she heard a new-born cry as it got its first gulp of air. The newly born babe was wrapped in blankets as it clawed the air, crying after being born.

"Congratulations," said the doctor as the nurse carried the baby to its mother "It's a baby girl."

The woman gently accepted her daughter and rocked her gently to hush her cries. The girl ceased her cries immediately and settled into her mother's arms. The mother smiled at her sleeping face. She gently brushed the dark tufts on her head.

"What to name her..." mused the father as he looked at his new daughter.

"Zerenity," answered the mother "Zerenity Alice Murakami."

The doctor nodded with a smile as he wiped his brow.

"I believe our work here is done," he stated as he picked up his bag "Good evening Mr and Mrs Murakami."

"Goodnight," the parents said weakly with a smile.

The nurse cooed at the baby before following after the doctor. The mother and father looked at each other with a wide smile. The mother gently bounced her baby in her arms.

"Wake up;" she cooed "Let us see your eyes, Zerenity."

Zerenity turned her head and yawned. She slowly opened her eyes and saw her mother for the first time. The mother's face fell then her eyes rolled over white. Her head landed on her pillow, her arms still secure around her daughter. Zerenity looked over at her father who gasped as he felt a tug in his heart. He clutched his heart and breathed heavily. He staggered back until eventually her fell backwards and slammed hard into the wooden floor. Zerenity blinked as she looked at her mother. Her blood red eyes gleamed before she closed them and started to wail.

An hour later and the maid that worked in the household gently bounced the baby girl around, trying to comfort her. She waited in the sitting room as the doctors went down the stairs with two stretchers carrying the dead bodies of the child's parents.

"Do you know the cause of deaths sir?" she asked the same doctor who had delivered Zerenity.

"Well that's something I'm not entirely sure about," said the doctor as he ran a hand through his hazelnut hair "Mrs Murakami might have died of child birth. I'm not sure about Mr Murakami. It looks like a heart attack but the chances are very low for that."

"And what about Miss Zerenity here?" asked the maid gently nudging the sleeping girl in her arms "I can't look after her, sir. I'm way too young!"

The doctor frowned as he looked down at the child.

"Take her to the nunnery," he said "She can live there with the nuns until someone might think of adopting her."

"Alright, sir," said the maid nodding as she started to walk outside "Um, sir?"

The doctor looked up at the maid, worry sparkling in her eyes.

"Mr and Mrs Murakami," she said "They haven't been...murdered do you think?"

"Why would you think that?" asked the doctor taken aback by her question.

"I guess it's just one of my bad feelings, I suppose," shrugged the maid "I feel as if their deaths weren't natural. Well, goodnight, sir."

She curtseyed and bustled off to the nunnery at the end of the street, carrying the murderer in her arms without knowing it.