Zerenity felt her hands brush against some soft material when she came to her senses. She didn't feel her dress on her anymore, but instead she was wearing…a silk nightgown? Zerenity stirred, moving her head. She felt that she had slept better. Her eyes twitched, wanting to open and check her surroundings but she quickly reminded herself she might be in someone else's home and there might be someone in the room with her. A.K.A another victim.

"Is there anyone there?" she croaked before coughing.

"Oh! She's awake!"

Thank goodness Zerenity didn't open her eyes. A hand was placed on her forehead, as if checking her temperature.

"And you're not so flustered, that's good."

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"My name is not important, miss," continued the voice.

"Am I dead?"

A light chuckle was heard.

"Oh, no, miss, you're not dead, don't worry."

Zerenity didn't know if she was relieved or not.

"As for where you are, you're in the Carleton household."

"Is the police here?"

"No, miss. Why do you ask such a question?"

She doesn't know? Good.

"I'm feeling a bit drowsy," she lied "Guess I thought the dream I had was real."

That chuckle rung in her thoughts.

"Well, I'll tell everyone that you're awake then. I'm sure Mr. Carleton would like to see you."

"Pity I can't see him then…"

"Excuse me, miss?"

"I'm blind."

Here we go again, the blind story to avoid any killings.

"Oh? You are?"

"I need bandages around my eyes," explained Zerenity "I don't know why, but the doctor always told me that."

"OK, miss. I'll get you bandages. Oh, silly me! I didn't ask your name!"

"Zerenity," replied Zerenity "Zerenity Alice Murakami."

"Zerenity Alice Murakami…now where have I heard that name before?"

Zerenity tensed.

"Oh well, it'll come to me sooner or later. Please rest, Miss Murakami, I'll just get your bandages and inform Mr. Carleton."

Zerenity nodded as she heard the door close. She peeked one eye open as she looked around the room. She was in the middle of a double bed with white pillows and a warm ruby red duvet that almost matched her eyes. She lifted herself to examine her nightgown. It was a creamy color with lace around the neck and the sleeves reached her elbows. The room was quite upper class. The windows were closed but the ruby red curtains were apart, showing a magnificent scene of a garden with several different vibrant colors that Zerenity thought she was surely in a dream. She pinched herself. Nope, this was real. She didn't have much time to look around because as soon as she heard the door open, her eyes flung shut.

"Here we go, Miss Murakami…"

"Please," said Zerenity turning her head to the voice "Just call me Alice."


Zerenity smiled as she felt bandages around her eyes.