A butterfly is a small creature with big opportunities.
It lets us realize that we can also dream.
Like a butterfly flying into open air,
We must move on in life finding more options.

A flower has both an attractive side and an unattractive side.
It shows us that we are not all perfect.
Like the roots of a flower holding its ground,
We should pursue our dreams without backing down.

A flying bird symbolizes the idea of freedom.
It reminds us that we are all born with a pair of wings.
The time will come one day when we spread them,
And we can always soar higher if we fall.

Effort is part of the key to success.
It is a necessity for true accomplishments.
To have tried your best is true effort.
True effort is what brings meaning to achievements.

A pen and pencil are utensils for writing.
Writing is a way for people to express their true feelings.
It is the inner voice that is communicated from one's work.
To have been heard is to be a successful writer.

A photo is a compressed package of memories.
It is the capturing of the past in a life.
To value your past is required to move on.
We cannot change our past but only build our future.

A book is a portal to a different world.
It grants freedom from our everyday lives.
To have read a book is to have lived as another.
Like a best friend, it can change your life.

Music is a gift from Mother Nature.
It is a bundle of both happiness and sadness.
Like a book, music can also tell a story.
To have listened is to have heard others.