People have said this sounds like its written in medieval text and, as I've never tried to complete such projects before, I've decided to put it more into that line. Just PM me if something isn't clear.


Scene I. Throne room of Arrogon's palace.]

Arrogon is near his throne, Simonetta stands below him.

Simonetta (tearful): I have lived like this for long enough. I will no longer be ignored!

Arrogon (angrily): Thou hast forgotten, child, I am lord here; and all man's will shall bend to mine!

Simonetta (tearful, cross): You cannot order whom you do not own, 'tis a hopeless task.

Arrogon (angrily): Thou bringst nothing but grief with thy tongue, and thou shalt be silent!

Simonetta (tearful, cross): Thou claims to be pure, yet thou hast no heart. Thou wishst only for power and for the gold of heaven's tears to run through your hands. But be warned, my father, as such desire only leaves a dark red stain, and one that can never be cleansed!

Arrogon: Heathen! Thou speakst such nonsense as to only thwart your own mad mind. I am sole ruler of this land, and shall remain so until my end!

Simonetta (quietly): Take heed, as these words weave a wicked web, and one that cannot be escaped.

She turns and leaves. Arrogon leans back in his throne, heart set bleeding by the anger of his daughter.

Arrogon (to himself): Is she so displeased? Never hath such venom crossed her tongue, but shall her words ring true?

He is up long into the night, worrying at the child's words.