[Scene VII. Inside the temple.]

Iason stands just inside the entrance. He hears the haunting sounds of chanting and women's laughter.

Iason (quietly, angrily): How dare they attempt such a thing as this?

He moves closer, now able to see what is occurring.

Simonetta (sobbing): Please, I beg thee, stop!

Philomena stands above her, knife in her hand.

Philomena (coldly): laughs Midnight hath come, and with it the end of your life.

She laughs again, raising the knife behind her. Neither hears the sounds of fighting from the hall.

Philomena (coldly): Thou hast sinned, and now thou shalt be sacrificed!

Simonetta (weakly): If I am to die, then so it shall be…but I repeat that I have done no crime!

Iason comes from his place, blood staining his blade. The Twins of Darkness lie dead in his wake.

Iason (angrily): Enough!

He lunges at Philomena, who cries out in rage.

Philomena: Insolent dog! How dare thee defile thy future bride!

Iason (angrily): Fie! Thou art evil to thy very soul!

Pauses slightly, then speaks while raising his sword.

Iason (angrily): By midnight's eye I do thee send, to rot in hell till time shall end!

He lunges again, nearly catching her heart with his blade. She dodges, standing behind Simonetta.

Philomena: If thou wishst to kill me, then thou must murder thy love, but thou darest not to steal her life!

Simonetta (desperately): Iason, please, I beg of thee…forget of me. Slay the evil one!

He gazes at her, then slowly lowers the blade. Philomena stands, grinning in triumph.

Philomena: Thou art but a foolish coward; thou art no match for the will of the Gods.

She steps forward, knife in hand.

Philomena: Thou hast saved me the trouble of finding thee and, after thy love shall watch thee die, she too shall feel the wrath of hell!

Before she can lunge, Iason's blade pierces her chest. She gasps sharply, and soon collapses in a pool of blood.

After she is dead, Iason turns his gaze to Simonetta.

Iason (untying her): Simonetta, thou art wounded?

As soon as she is free, she embraces her savior.

Simonetta: I care not of pain, only of thee, my Lord.

Iason: The Twins of Darkness are dead. Nevermore shall their evil stain this land. Nevermore shall we have reason to fear.