There's the warmth that you get when waking from sleep
There's the warmth that you get from the spice you eat
There's the warmth that you get from a Fast paced beat
There's the warmth that you get from a delectable treat

How can it be,
what does it mean?
When all of these things;
The feeling's they bring
Are as solid as a dream.
Why can't I see?

There's the glow that you find, filling you with pride.
There's the glow that you get when you make a big find
There's the glow that you find, radiates from rage
There's the glow that you get when you turn that last page

I lay awake during the night,
Tossing and turning, my sheet's I fight,
To escape that overwhelming heat,
So I may finally slip into sleep;
But yet when I wake up in the morn
The bed isn't hot, it's deliciously warm.

There's the warmth that you get when covered in light
There's the glow that you find when ready for a fight
There's the warmth that you find within yourself
There's the glow that you get when you hug someone else.

It makes little sense that I enjoy the sun when the world is cold
and yet I sweat and I burn when summer unfolds
Warmth saps strength, right out of your brain.
Heat dulls senses and steals away pain
Yet healing and burning stand side by side
Why is it I cannot find the divide!

There's the warmth that you feel filling your face
Every time of yourself you make a disgrace
Then There's the glow that you will find
On a bad boy's paddled backside.

Something I cannot see nor smell
So elusive I cannot help but yell
One man may melt a block of ice
Fifty pound's a day, that's nice;
but what of the way I fill with heat
Should a pretty girl I happen to meet

There's the warmth you will find comes from inside
Like that glow that you cannot define
There's a name for the warmth that causes hearts to beat
The same force that can sweep you from your feet.

Now as a learned man;
I don't believe in love.
But then again. I cannot understand
Why such a description fits this like a glove
I cannot deny, the feeling's no lie
But how can I deal with that,
There's nothing to say, no real way
To get that feeling back.

Warmth is a word that takes on many forms
You can feel it when your cold and even lovelorn
But when it bites and tower's in rage
It is the anger that courses through your veins.

There is only one way out of this hell
To decide to renounce what I cannot tell
To find a new way, to live from day to day
I know that in this place I cannot stay
Because I cannot stand to be filled with heat
When the source I cannot stand to greet
Curse the day when I met her and saw
Perfection through mathematical law

Warmth within the tears of bitter revenge
Glowing is the righteous who does avenge
Yet both will burn you right back
even as you launch your attack
Burning was the heat when she opened the door
Onto my packing, possessions scattered on the floor
Red was the colour of my glow of shame,
Even though I knew it was her to blame.
But when she knelt our lips did meet
Bringing with them the purity of summer's heat

Warmth hides within every heart
Even when frozen, there's still a spark
Glow that you find comes from the mind
Kindled through disposition cheery and kind

Warmth is a completely intangible thing
As beautiful and delicate as a butterfly's wing
It springs from every happiness, springs from every heart
And if the feeling is mutual that's a good start
The sun is the source of warmth and life of all things
Great is the blessing of heat that it brings
Yet like the sun, love can burn
Able to rekindle forgotten yearns.

Glowing is our pride in the way we know
Why the world turns and the falling snow
But remember that, few understand
Warmth in all things in every land

How was it?
Production time weigh's in at about twenty to twenty five minutes.
No Idea what made me come up with this.

Well I hope you enjoyed the ride. Back to final exam prep.