The moon is standing in the middle of the street, near-completely naked

And bold as the day she was born. She's caught her shoelace in a crack in the concrete.

Now she only sits and waits for the day when the Earth shakes

So she can fling herself back heavenwards again. She's always wanted a low-cost

Getaway adventure, and quality fun is lightyears away.

In the meantime,

She gets a library card and doesn't pay her late fees. She rents a movie

And watches it on the neighbor's TV. Her new friends bring her the best dinners

From the nicest restaurants in town. She gets a tattoo on the edge of a crater,

Somewhere she knows you can't see it until you get up real close. It's cold here,

And she's always been too hot for comfort.

Then you'd be touching her,

Hands on her gray skin, carding through her soil, and she's afraid that you'll find out

She's only a rock. So she plays hard-to-get with a few Earth kids. She keeps her

Back to the trees, and her front under the streetlamps, charging herself glow-in-the-

Dark. She gets a bargain card from the local supermarket, considers

Stock options, discusses interior decorating with the lady next door.

Far removed from orbit,

Oxygen burns like hot water. Nakedness hadn't felt so vulnerable before the sting

Of atmosphere grazed her surface. Being on Earth is to be imbalanced perpetually:

There is nothing in space, but there is also everything. What's a girl to do

When what you revolved around now revolves around you? She saws at the strands of string

And it's up she goes, now cloaking herself in black night sky.