Falling Apart

Everyones pondered if the choices they've mad were the right ones. Many wish they never made that choice. People wonder if it just had to be that way 'What ever happened, happened for a reason' type deal. How would life be if they've never chose that path? God is capable of making miracles and doing the impossible. But he will never grant the one wish we've all ask for at least once in our life time. That is to change the past, to go back to that one moment and make things different. No matter how much we beg and cry he just couldn't let us... couldn't let her.

- - - - -

"I never wanted this!" She cried as tears blurred her vision. She couldn't take it any more. Anger, hate, pain, sorrow washed over her. She ran my fingers through jet black hair, as she looked out the giant window that loomed over the cliff side out towards the ocean. The window reached from the floor to the roof and took up the entire wall. She always got the feeling of falling to her death when she looked out of it. Oh how she wished she was right now.

She gripped her hair wishing to yank it all out! She shouted at the top of her lungs, kicking the wall and began ripping down posters of her accomplishment. She wanted everything in this God forsaken room gone, broken, destroyed and out of sight. Everything she has done to this day had ruined everything. Everything she had ever cared about were gone.

The blood was pumping so hard it ached in her arms begging to release the negative energy. She broke everything and anything she could get my hands on, punched anything solid ignoring the pain that warned her to stop. No physical pain could take away the pain in her heart.

"Jordan? Jordan open up!" A familiar voice called out behind the bedroom door. His voice was strong and demanding yet concerned at the same time.

"Leave me alone!" The woman shouted throwing a picture at the door. A curse was heard behind the door as he heard the shatter of glass.

"Stop playing around! Tell me what the hell happened!"

"You stop playing around Nick! Stop acting like you give a damn!" A lump formed in her throat as the word flew out viciously. She knew what she had said hurt him but her pain didn't allow her to care about anyone else's pain.

The doorknob twisted violently as the man tried to get it to open. She prayed he wouldn't get in. She didn't want him to see her like this, didn't want him to see weak. She didn't want him to break down the walls that she had put up to protect herself. Well that's what she told herself. But truly she yearned for him to hold her and tell her everything was going to be fine. She wanted someone to hold her and take away the pain 'cause it got harder every second to carry it alone.

"I said stay out of my life!" She yelled at him as he continued to crash into the door trying to break it down. Blue eyes stared at the door through the tears that she refused to let fall, as she tried to replace the growing sorrow with anger.

Another porcelain was launched at the door. Instead of hearing glass shatter, the door broke off the hinges and crashed to the floor with a loud boom. The Jordan froze from the shock that Nick was capable of breaking her door with such brute force.

Anger shown in his face as he took in his surroundings, seeing all the shattered glass and holes in the wall, posters were ripped to shreds, pictures cracked and thrown around, trophies smashed. "What have you done?" He asked, ready to explode. She had expected him to complain about all the valuables that were now in worthless pieces. "What have you done to yourself!?" Was what the man shouted as he grabbed the small woman's arm, yanking it closer so he could see. His body became ridged. She watched his face turn from angry to enrage. His face twisted into an unrecognizable expression as he took in every cut and bruise that covered both arms and hands. His thumb traced over her bloody knuckles, she winced at the pain when the contact caused the fresh wounds to sting. He noticed her cringe and squeezed her hand tighter.

"What the hell? That hurts!" Jordan shouted as she tried to pull her hand free. "Let go! You're hurting me!"

"Now it hurts right! You want me to stop but it's perfectly fine for you to inflict pain onto yourself?!" He growled, his grip not loosing its hold on her swollen hand.

Her throat began to tighten as she tried to suppress the oncoming waterfall of tears. She wanted to shout out but couldn't knowing her voice would crack. His dark brown eyes soften and he loosened his grip. His shoulder relaxed his scary expression dissipating. His eyes looked sad and understanding.

Blue eyes dropped to the ground. She wanted to escape but couldn't. She was backed up against a corner unable to handle his intense stare. It felt as if he was reading everything that was running through her mind. At the moment she couldn't even comprehend the crap that was in there to begin with. She shoved him hard in the chest hoping to create distance between them. "Get out now. You don't care so stopped pretending you do." He was an actor; this whole thing was an act. She promised she'd never trust him for that one reason. She had to be stubborn and cold hearted in order to survive in the movie industry. Believing you had a friend in this line of work was a thing fools did.

To her surprise he didn't leave. Glass crunched under his shoes as he stepped closer. "Are you stupid or something? I said get-" Jordan lost her train of thought as he wrapped his arms around her holding her tightly against him. He didn't say a word. He just continued to hold her engulfing her in his warmth. He provided her with the support she's been yearning for. She was too weak to continue this stupid 'strong act' up.

Her legs buckled beneath her and dropped to the floor unable to continue holding back the pain. He lowered himself next to her leaning himself against the wall, pulling the frail woman closer, unwilling to let her cry alone. Her body shook uncontrollably as each pathetic sob came out.

This was no act. The camera's were off, no directors in sight. He had loved her since she stepped foot on stage for auditions. Jordan was strong willed and didn't care for the fame only for the money. But not selfishly for her but for her loved ones. All this time she had carried the entire burden and once she had lifted theirs they had forgotten to lift hers. She was a fantastic actor not only on set but everyday until she locked herself in her room. A fake smile always on her beautiful face hiding her true expression. Nick knew one day she would crack and this was the day. This was the day that he promised himself that he'd be her strength and put the pieces back together. The pieces fame always tore apart.

Thanks for reading. This was just a story that I started a couple years back that I never actually got aroud to really working on. I just thought it would make a cute little oneshot.

Hope you enjoyed it =)