Person I Hate.

I'm staring in the mirror,

Looking back at the person I hate.

I know everyone was staring at me in


Thinking to themselfs;

'God, she's so fat!'

'I can't believe she just ate all of that!'

Suddenly my hands and knees hit the

Cold tile floor,

Fingers are inserted down my throat.

I heave and cough,

Vomit spews up.

Only when water and bood

Come out of my mouth

Am I finally satisfied.

I get up wiping my mouth

With the back of my thick, fat, ugly hand.

Then I go to the sink

With the water already running.

Cold water splashes

My face, washing everything away.

Then I slowly step on the scale.

The numbers take their time to show up

Finally: 69.5 shows up.

And I want to scream,

Silent tears fall from my eyes.

I'm 5'7 and I 69.5

That isn't right-

It should have been lower!

Tomorrow I will skip every meal

So that when I come back-

I will be lighter.

Then once again I'm staring into

The mirror,

Looking back at the person I hate.