'Just Friends'.

'They probably think we're a lesbian couple.'

You comment with your smile,

With your dainty little laugh.

As we walk out of the movie theather,

Both holding hands.

I smile and say before I stop myself,

'Want to make it real?'

'What?' You ask-Disgusted.

To which I reply with a timid, small laugh,

'Nothing. It was just a joke.'


And with that we both fall into a

Long silence.

And its all I can do-

Not to run away from you.

Into the bathroom

So I can hide in a stall,

And cry my eyes out.

I'm beating myself up inside.

The only reason I don't run,

Is because I know if I do-

You'll walk in after me.

And it will take eveything

I have left inside.

Not to tell you how I feel.

About you.

Breaking into my thoughts.

You ask,

'What do you want to do now my Katy-Kat?'

And I almost laugh,

You've never said that before.

My Katy-Kat.

I shrug and

Tell you that you're the guest.

You scowl and tell me to call my mom,

So she can pick us up and we can both go home.

And with that,

We wait.

We make some small talk.

Though mostly it's just you talking.

I'm nodding,

Taking everything


Sometimes I really want to just tell you everything.

But I know that,

Even if I do,

That the most we will ever be

Is 'Just Friends.'