I waited for you
and I pined for you but oh
was I a fool, I couldn't see
the mirrors in your eyes
reflecting my sentiment back
so it looked like yours would shine.

I waited and could never find a reason
for all the flour on the floor
other than my wieghtless hope that
you would sneak back in my home [heart]
at the end of this bitter, warm season.

I looked but was blind
to what was mine
and you were there
all along, waiting in line

I was wrong to wait so long
when I knew all along,
he was never coming back,

I knew that you loved me,
but I just had to learn to love you back.

So may the flour never be disturbed,
may your footprints never mar my doorway
may your smile never haunt me,
because I have finally learned.


you are the one who will wait.


I will let you burn.