Desperate to Barren Eyes

Having no one becomes a norm,
as days of friendship wears away,
and people take on different ways.

New cliques form as old groups die,
as everyone thinks it's just okay,
yet they just keep truth by the bay.

Even a picture become acquiantance,
maybe it's just the course life takes on,
finding closeness but getting them sawn.

Every pathway has its bends and turns,
comrades closeness are often torn,
for personal achievements are why they're born.

Parties and gatherings end with partings,
they cry, they tear and they hug each other,
but none were true for they were never near.

Those who were loyal friends till the end,
became the pitiful victims left at the rear,
living in eternal perpetual fear.

None will never come by with a smile,
hand them a cup of water or a candy stick,
and guide them from darkness that just licks.

Never will any pass by even with condolence,
only glances of spite and disgusts flicks,
as the count down timer starts to tick.


a/n: First of the three that I wrote. This is probably a very weak stand. It's just a mess after I reread it a few times. I realized I jumped around. Well, sorry for the messy flow... But that's me when I'm emotionally unstable.

Thank you for any reviews (: