'Is she right?' She thought to herself as she stood in front of her body-length mirror, just in her bra and underwear.

Today at school her best friend, Janet, had commentted on how much she eats at lunch.

Then, to top it off, her other friend, Katherine, had laughed and joined in-Calling her a fat ass.

And that's why this question was on this young girls mind-Yet again.

Online the girl had heard that starving herself would work really well.

Or she could make herself throw up after every meal.

Then the girls next thought was;

'Do I really want to become that deadly thin? And look that grotesque?'

She had read all these stories about how these boys and girls had lost everything to the same two girls;

Ana and Mia.

Some said how they had just given up their life, body and happiness to the one and only: Ana or Mia.

Others said how happy they were and how they would never change a thing.

The young girl still wondered who was who-Who was this Ana and this Mia that everyone on these diet sites were talking about.

She also wondered if she should just be happy with her own body and write a letter to those two mysterious girls telling them to 'Stuff it.'

That would be the correct thing for this fragile thirteen year old to do right?

Or should she smile and grasp Ana and Mias' hands, repeating after them;

'Only 'Till Death Do Us Part.'