As soon as I stepped out of the train, my view of the school ground became completely altered. Where the old-fashioned building once stood, a more modern looking school sat. Not to mention a number of other buildings had appeared where there had been none before. For a moment, I stare at the altered view before me. What is this? I step back in the train and the school is once again back to its original version, but as soon as I step off, it appears as is now. A normal looking school grounds… well sort of. An amphitheater sits about two hundred yards away from the school, and a number of other buildings seem to be spaced out all around it.
"It's an illusion." A suave male voice says behind me.

I nearly jump out of my skin and turn on the man behind me. His eyes are looking farther down towards the front of the train, and he appears to be amused about something.

"What?" Is the most intelligible think I can think to say.

"This train," He makes a general gesture to the long, dark blue locomotive. "Has an illusion cast on it. Thanks to one of the students from a few years back. Seems he thought it would be funny." The man says, smoothing out his shoulder length black hair.

"I see." I look him over trying to get a feel for him. His clothes are very nice, a solid black tuxedo with a black vest, black tie, and silver buttons. His clothes are very swanky, and his hair comes to these interesting points. Not to mention the two small silver earrings he's wearing, which match his silvery eyes. My mind compares him to Madame Red, Monochrome as well, though his variety is a bit darker.

"Well seeing as you have fallen behind I guess I should escort you to the first years meeting." He moves away from the train and off the platform. I quickly shoulder my bag and follow after him. Following him kind of reminds me of following Madame Red.

"Thanks." I say once I catch up with him at the bottom of the steps.

"It's no problem. Plus, it's my job to ensure people like you don't get lost." He smirks to himself showing some slightly pointed teeth.

"People like me?" I ask not really getting it. Though now I assume he's a teacher.

"Yes, people like you, the one's that tend to wander off and get lost. We wouldn't want that on your first day here would we?" He leads me farther across the green and closer to the amphitheater I noticed before.
We walk within throwing distance of the school on our way to the amphitheater. I can clearly see the white stone it's made of, and a light from the large tall windows it has. In the distance I can see eleven or twelve long buildings that look like dorms. Behind us is a number of glass buildings that appear to be green walk right next to three almost windowless buildings that have the word 'GYM' posted above the main door. Now we're nearing the amphitheater itself.

A large number of students have started to gather among the staggered seating and the dull roar of their conversations can be heard from here. The occasional burst of fire or light pops over the crowd and disappears almost as quickly as it appears. I assume it must be where they're gathering all the students since this man is leading me we get closer to the amphitheater the sound of voices becomes a loud roar, and almost makes me cringe.

"This is where I'll leave you on your own." The man says eyeing the crowd.

"Well, thanks again. Mr.…" Crap, don't know this man's name.

"Mr. Creedy and it's my job." He waves a dismissive hand and walks away leaving me alone on the edge of the crowd.

I hesitate to move into the crowd. It's a mad house, kids screaming and yelling, the occasional burst of oddly colored light, what sounds like explosions, all crammed into the amphitheaters steep marble steps. After a few moments though I push through the crowd, making a special note to keep my bag close to me, the last thing I want right now is to have y stuff messed with.

After dodging a number of idiots, nearly falling twice, and having to shove one guy I finally reach the bottom of the steps. Luckily this close to the stage the crowd is thinner and the people here seem to be preoccupied with their own business. One girl is lying on the bench, her striped stocking clad legs taking three seats and reading as if nothing was going on around her. I find a spot just a few feet from her and sit down tossing my bag between my feet.

With a relieved sigh I begin to relax and close my eyes. For a few moments the roar of voices is just that, a roar. After a few minutes however, it begins to sort out into specific voices and words, though none of it means anything of importance.

"May I please have everyone's attention." a voice echoes over the roar of the crowd, and only a murmur remains.
I open my eyes to find a man dressed in a tweed suite standing on the stage. A pair of small circular glasses hang on the end of his nose, and his white is combed back neatly. Behind him stands a number of other people, one of them being Mr. Creedy.

"If you would all please turn your attention to the tables behind us." He waves to a number of tables covered in papers stacks of papers, and they had not been there before. "Here you will find everything you need. Make a line on the left side of the stage and move across. The other teachers and myself will assist in moving the process along as quickly as possible." He steps back and a large wave of students surge towards the stage like a tidal wave.

I think I'll just sit here for now, I'm not much in the mood for fighting a crowd. So I watch as the students move across being handed papers by a teacher standing behind each stack. Mr. Creedy is the third one in, and he seems quite bored with what he's doing. His mercury colored eyes drift all around the stage, searching for something.

I shift my attention across the tables. As each student reaches the table they are promptly handed a paper. The teachers don't dig through the piles or anything. I wonder if it's more magic, or if they already know what order they're coming up in. Though the later seems incredibly unlikely. Though I might ask once I get up there.

The line to get up there has started to wane so I finally get to my feet and join the line. I'm standing right behind a short kid who reminds me of a tall leprechaun minus a beard. I almost talk to him, but some tiny voice in the back of my head just tells me to wait quietly in line. Perhaps because no one in the line is talking to each other, they're just waiting eagerly for their turn.

Hell one girl is literally bouncing up and down near the first table, her blonde curls doing a little dance on her shoulder. As soon as she reaches the first table she takes her papers and moves on as fast as possible to the other three tables. Nearly knocking down the other people in front of her. Stupid girl should learn some patience.

I apply my own and wait at the end of the line for my turn. Which comes in a few minutes, a surprisingly short time considering the sheer number of people who are here. Though I guess I shouldn't complain if things are moving along well. I reach the first table and the little man in tweed is standing behind it.

"Here's a map of the school and other facilities." He hands me a three page packet and vanishes in a puff of smoke, along with the table. Guess I get a show since I'm the last one.

"Here's a list of the information you'll need. It also includes some info on the person who will be mentoring you through out your first year." The man behind this table also vanishes, but with just a pop. No special anything, he's just gone."Ah, Draden." Mr. Creedy says as I reach his table.

"Thanks again." I say as he hands me a five page packet.

"Again it is my job." He shrugs. "This contains your class list, descriptions of classes, and your schedule." He pauses and a mildly creepy smirk spreads across his face.

"I do hope you enjoy your school year." He says and vanishes in a plume of black fire. I just stand there for a moment processing what he said.

"Oi! You going to keep me here all day?" The extra tall man at the end says. He looks like a giant at seven feet. I scurry over to him and take the last piece of paper which is a few different papers such as calendars and event info. The guy picks up his bench and trudges off.

I just stand on the stage and look around. All the other students have taken off, and I'm standing up on this stage all alone. Jeeze, I must look like an idiot. So I quickly hop down of the stage and start looking through my papers for the map.

On the front is a map of the grounds, and a building in the northeast corner has a red 'X' on it. I flip another page or two and find it's a dorm building and my rooms on the third floor. Great, I get to climb three flights of stairs every day. I just grumble and grab my stuff heading towards what I think is the building I've been assigned.

I guess I'll sort through the papers once I've managed to sit down and inspect the room. What I really want to know is what classes they gave me. I mean it's a magic school, but I have no magic. So, what am I going to be doing?

I ponder over a number of things as I move across the distance separating the dorms from the amphitheater. I mean what is up with that Mr. Creedy. First he helps me, than acts kind of standoffish. Than he gives me that creepy smirk.

Not to mention I still want to talk to Madame Red about a few things. Mostly pertaining to this school and her part in it. Not to mention why she would want me here, how on god's green earth she thinks she lured me here, among other crazy nonsense events.

I finally near the dorms and my brain changes gears. The dorms are made of some white concrete looking material with black railing. The doors look like white painted metal, and look exactly like you would expect a hotel or motel to look. I wonder if they have motel like rooms? I sure hope not.

I move past a small group of students gathered near the stairs and begin my three story assent to my dorm. Which is not only on the third story, but tucked back in the farthest corner. I just shrug and move down the corridor towards my room. I mean look on the bright side, no heavy crap to carry.

My room is indeed tucked in the back corner, but I quickly perk up as soon as I open the door and step in. The inside is not what I expected at all, and on top of that I have two windows. Something I'm sure most of the rooms don't have since they're in the middle of the two exterior rooms.

The inside is a bit vanilla, though none the less nice. The carpet and the walls are both white. The main room you come into is just big enough for a bookshelf and a computer desk perhaps. Than straight ahead it opens into a kitchenette. Which is only divided by a half wall which is nice since it creates an open feeling.

To the left a closed door opens into a decently sized bedroom. It has a bed in it already, along with a dresser, end table, and an empty bookshelf. Nicer still, on the right it opens into a laundry room, than it's own bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. Of course it's also got the white theme, but it's still nice to have my own bathroom. The greatest thing is it's a one person room, either that or they intend to make people share a bed. Which is doubtful. This is like a house more than a motel. A lot nicer than I had expected.

I drop my bag in the bedroom and sit down with the papers at the desk they've provided. I start flipping through them. The first one is a list of information, ID number, password for computer, room number, year, age, and all my other info. Behind it is a list of classes, to my surprise most of them seem fairly normal, and they're divided into white and black days.
Collage Algebra, AP Chemistry, AP History, Study Hall, Art I, and a gifted education class. Each one has a fairly straight forward description, just what I would expect. Though the gifted education program is for students who's IQ exceeds one hundred and thirty. So I guess they got a hold of my IQ test without my consent.

Than there are the other classes that don't sound so normal. Skill Discovery, Sparring, and an Apprenticeship with Madame Red. I mean Sparring is a pretty straight forward class but the description for Skill Discovery doesn't make a lot of sense. Though I gather it's for students who don't have a 'power', or so they call magic skills.

The one that really gets me is the Apprentice ship with Madame Red. It simply reeks of being set up by Madame Red. Though I'm curious to why. Is it because of those winds she talked about, or perhaps something more? I sigh and leave the paper alone on my desk. I guess I can talk to her on the first black day. Which according to one of the calendars I go that's in four days, after our first white day.

Great, three days to stew. I walk into the kitchenette and start going through the cabinets and fridge. Nothing is really stocked in the shelves, which means I'll have to find out how dinner works around here. I move through the rooms and find myself in the laundry room. Nothing in here as well, no soap or detergent. Same story with the bathroom, not even toilet paper.

What the hell am I suppose to do for all this crap? I have a few hundred dollars, but I doubt there's a store here. I grab my bag and start pulling my clothes out of it, and stick them in the laundry room on some shelves. I move on to my knick-knacks and start putting my few meager possessions away. I'm tempted to start burning incense right now to make the room feel more at home, give it that familiar smell. I resist though, not knowing the rules for the dorms. Wouldn't want to get in trouble for something on the first day here. Not that anyone has really told me anything.

Almost as if some unknown force was listening, a voice echoes across the room, much like an intercom.

"All first year students please come to the main building and meet in the dinning hall. Your Mentor will meet you there and answer any questions you have." The voice leaves behind a large silence.
I'm not so sure I like the idea of them broadcasting a message into my room like that. I mean if they can send something in, than surely they can hear what goes on in here. Worse still they might be able to watch me. My paranoia starts getting the better of me, so I decide to leave.

On my way out I stop taking notice of a key hooked on the back side of the door. With it is a note that says 'Key to room A3-30'. I grab it off the hook and step outside. I put the key in the lock and turn. Sure enough it works. I give the handle a turn, but it holds tight. Good.

I pocket the key and start heading back to the stairs. Wonder who my mentor is anyway? Crap! I nearly forehead palm myself. I forgot to read the paper. I do a 180 and head back to my room. I nearly walk into the locked door, forgetting it was locked. I quickly unlock it and flip through the papers without shutting it behind me. Pretty quickly I find it, and to my equal surprise and expectation, Madame Red is my mentor. At this point I'm actually expecting her to be at every turn. She seems to have been so far.

I fold up the info paper and pocket it before going back out the door and relocking it. This time I successfully make it all the way down the stairs without forgetting something. Than it's just a short trip straight ahead to the school. Even from here I can tell where the main entrance is without help. A number of very large windows line the front of the building. With an equally large door in the center, creating a very open feeling. Something usually reserved for the front door.

As I get closer, I once again take note of the number of different students all around the door. Each one appears to be paired off with another person. Each one seems adamantly involved in their conversation with the other. I'm sure asking a billion questions they all have. Kind of like me.

I squeeze past the crowd around the door and slip inside. Immediately I gape a bit. The ceiling stretches far above my head, and a very nice stair case leads to the second floor. Underneath the walkway of the second floor two halls go underneath. It's all very neat looking, and for a moment I just stand there taking in the sight of the architecture.

Once I'm done gawking I decided to see if anyone has seen Madame Red. I decided to skip over the younger looking students and try to find a teacher. Unfortunately that may be harder than I expected. I mean come on! There can't be a big sign pointing to them, or something obvious. I continue weaving through the crowd and towards a large open doorway that leads into a large room full of lunch tables.

I finally spot a teacher, or maybe it's because I've already seen him twice today. I try to wave down Mr. Creedy, trying to catch the attention of those silver eyes. Though he just continues to talk with the young man in front of him. The kid looks uncomfortable under Mr. Creedy's gaze.

The kid keeps pushing back his long black hair. It looks a lot like Mr. Creedy's but it's longer. Though that's where the similarities really stop. The kid is wearing a bright yellow shirt and tight blue jeans. The clothes finally tip me off that it's a girl Mr. Creedy is standing with. She turns and looks behind her as if my gaze had burned her.

Her blue eyes scan the crowd all around me but just miss me. I shake my head a bit irritated. I understand there are some odd looking people around here, but I have yellow eyes, and bright red hair! I can't really blend in that well!

I quickly dodge through the crowd finally closing the gap between Mr. Creedy and myself. I guess the girl as well, though I'm kind of irritated at her.

"Ah, Draden." Mr. Creedy says finally noticing me just three feet away. "Good to see you again." He turns to the girl and says something.

"Hi, I'm Stella." She turns and offers me her hand. I take it and politely introduce myself before trying to ask Mr. Creedy where Madame Red is.

"Stella here is the student I've been assigned to mentor. Who might you have?" He asks with a knowing smile. I almost tell him he already knows, but I don't really know this man so I stick to the polite answer.

"Madame Red. Though I don't see her around here." I gesture to the room behind me.

"He has Madame Red as a mentor?" The girl nearly shouts. "How did you get Madame Red! You don't have any powers!"

"Now Stella," Mr. Creedy says a bit coldly, "That is hardly the polite thing to say." The girl winces a bit, and apologizes pretty quickly.

"It's no big deal." I say. Though my brain is freaking out. Madame Red is someone important! I should have figured by the way she filled a room.

"She's actually not at this meeting. She prefers to stay in her office during this time, you'll find her there." Mr. Creedy says and walks away with the Stella.

I just stand there for a moment. For some reason he likes to just leave, and it's disconcerting. I would very much prefer him to say goodbye, I mean it's just common courtesy. Not only that but he didn't offer me directions or any help. I guess I know where it is already thanks to the map. That isn't the point though.

I finally shrug it off and head back into the entrance hall, than up the stairs. I can actually feel a number of eyes on me as I jog up the stairs. It feels kind of like I'm going on an adventure or something. I mean the halls are still dark, no windows, or lights on. Not to mention I'm totally alone, and this is the first time I've been in them.

I slow down after the sound of voices dies out. An eerie quite hangs all over me, making me expecting someone at any moment. Images of deadly shadows crawling all around me fill my mind. I pick up my pace hoping to reach the end of the hall as quickly as possible. My heart beats hard in my chest and I think about just turning back.

No, it's just my head messing with me. I tell myself and slow down taking a calming breath. I roll my shoulders and open my eyes. I'm standing at the end of the hall and two corridors lead left or right. I take the left one, just like the map had shown. I pass a few doors, a stair well, and on my right I can see where Madame Red's office is suppose to be.

I take the right and find myself in a mildly open area. There are a number of doors and I have to look for a moment to find the right one. Though it should have been obvious since a warm light is flowing through the glass of the door. I hesitate for a moment than knock. The sound echoes all across the hall, and my mind jumps to the shadows waking up. Though I quickly brush off my paranoia.

"Come in." The familiar voice of Madame Red says. I step in and close the door behind me with a sigh. The light always seems to chase away my paranoia. I turn around and find Madame Red's office to be just what I expected.

All along the wall oddities are stored behind glass, in one corner is a fire place and some chairs, and in the center of it all is Madame Red sipping at a tea cup of something. I find myself staring at her. Trying to replace the old woman in my head with this new vibrant lady. Her outfit is now a simple evening gown and the same rubies she had worn on the trip here.

"Good to see you Draden. Come have a seat." She gestures to the red seat on the other side of her desk. I sit down in the chair and start picking at the hem of my coat.

"How have you liked the school so far?" She asks, smiling behind her teacup. Something in my gut tells me it's not tea.

"I can't really say I feel anything. I'm still a bit dazed by the whole place." I pause and gather my thoughts before I explain. "I mean I should be freaking out, panicking, or something. I'm just going through all of this without much feeling, just going along for the ride I guess." I shrug and Madame Red sets down her teacup. With a wave of her hand it vanishes in a ruby colored fire.

"I see, well you must have a lot of questions than." She laces her fingers together and leans back in her high back chair.

"I do, though I don't know where to start with them." I say, my eyes drifting around the room while my mind searches for a place to start. "I guess I should ask why your watching out for me." I turn my full attention back to her.

She purses her lips for a moment, clearly thinking about how to answer my question. Which means I'll be lucky to get a half truth, though I still trust her. So regardless of what she says I'll take it as the truth.

"I told you the winds of change where blowing around you, and that was no lie. I just don't think you understand the magnitude of what I mean. Though I think you will by the end of this year." She smiles at me kindly, "As for watching out for you, I'm not doing it as much as you would think. I'll bet you noticed I have you in my apprenticeship."
"Yeah, I did notice that." I say waiting on her to explain more.

"Really I picked you because I trust you. I need someone to keep my affairs in order while I'm out of the building. Which is quite often. So I picked you since we had such a lovely trip together." She grabs a pen and writes something on a piece of paper.

"What am I suppose to do exactly?" I ask, not really clearly what dealing with her affairs means. Though it sounds a little to important to just leave on me.
"I promise it's nothing to bad, though I'll feel you in when you come on the second day of school. For now though lets discuss what questions you have about the school." She changes the subject quite obviously, but go along with it.

"Well for starts, what's up with the dorms?" I shake my head thinking about the lavish, but equally barren rooms.

"Oh, yes. That seems to surprise every student." She chuckles a little and taps her red fingers on her desk. "You can get furnishings for your room here in a few weeks. Things such as paint and furniture. As for food, we sell it here at the school. Stuff like detergent you can get from the maintenance closet near your dorm."

"So when can I buy food, I have a few hundred dollars." I say. Some nice self cooked food sounds pretty good. I could probably go for some spaghetti, or perhaps some macaroni with hamburger. Even better, vinegar soaked cucumbers.
"Oh, heavens we don't take outside money." She looks almost sick at the thought. "We tried that, a complete catastrophy!"
"Wait so my money is worthless?" I ask really deflated.

"Well not entirely. You can trade it in, though three hundred American dollars is the equivalent of seventy eight coins." She continues to explain. "We use coins around here. Everything has a coin price. A pound of beef could be four or five, a gallon of mile two or three. You get the idea." She pulls out a small bag and sets it on the table.

"So you can trade me for some coins?" I ask.

"Of course I can." She puts emphasis on the 'I'. Which reminds me of one question in particular I wanted to ask her. Though I pull out my money and hand her my cash. Just a little over four hundred.

"All right, here's 112 coins." She hands me a bag of small silver coins. Each about the size of a penny. The bag is pretty fat. I take notice that she doesn't count the coins, though I would expect Madame Red to already know how much money I'm carrying.

"I have a more pressing question that you just reminded me of." I say as she puts the 428 dollars in her desk.

"Oh, and what is that?" She asks with a coy smile.

"Just who are you around here?" I ask, though I have a hunch already.

"I'm the headmistress and founder of this school." She waves a hand to the general area around us. "Everything you see is under my power. Which reminds me, I have some duties as a mentor I must take care of." She taps her nails on the table.

"I'll just jump straight into it and give you a general overview of how things function." She gets up and gestures for me to follow her. I quickly do so, and she leads me out into the hall. All ready the lights are on in the hallway. Just as to be expected of Madame Red.

"You understand you have five classes a day, and all of that information they gave you. Though they did not explain to you how the school runs on different levels. How we reguard such things as fights amoung students."
"That seems kind of obvious." I say.

"It's not as simple as you might think." Madame Red says raising a ruby clad finger. "Here we do not condone violence. We encourage it. Fighting amongst powerful students generates greater development than many other alternatives." For a moment I'm taken aback by her response, but I think about it and I can understand the rationale. However it presents a number of problems particularly to people like me. Weak people.
"What about people without power? I mean someone could just walk all over the top of me." I point out.

"We do have a system." Madame Red says. "Each first year students starts out with a certain classification, symbolized by a one. A one student can not be assaulted by a two student or higher. Than there are students in the skill discovery class such as you, who have a zero. They can not be assaulted with any sort of power. Physical attacks by another first year however are totally up to you to deal with."

"This sounds a bit crazy." I say shaking my head. I don't know if I would be able to even handle a physical attack.

"Yes, but it sounds fun as well." She turns and opens two large doors. We step into a room I had planned on visiting later. The library, though we're on the second floor balcony. "There are exceptions. If a level one student assults a higher level student, they're level will be raised to meet that same standard. This prevents lower level students form troubling the higher level students. It also allows the more powerful students to train harder." She pulls a book off shelf and starts thumbing through it. She hands it to me.

"What's this?" I ask looking at the leather cover.

"It's a school handbook." She explains. "If you forget to ask something you can look it up later."

"Don't I need to check it out?" I ask not wanting to steal a book. Even if it is a book that ultimately belongs to Madame Red.

"It's automatically checked out to you as soon as you take it out of the library. This allows the librarian to focus on helping the other students." Madame Red elaborates and leads me back out of the library and back towards the main entrance.

I rake my brain for more questions, but I seem to have forgotten everything I wanted to ask. I sigh and tuck the large book under my arm. I'm sure I'll be reading this later as well. Thogh the thought casues me to remember one important question I hadn't asked yet.

"What about class supplies?" I say. I don't have anything but a single notebook and a pen.

"Ah, you should have a list of supplies with each class. Though most only ask you have the material to take notes with. Some like Algebra may ask for more, but for the most part everything is provided." She finishes as we reach the top of the leading to the first floor. "I have some business to take care of for the time being. I'm sorry I can't answer more of your questions." She apologizes sincerely.

"It's okay. I understand you're a busy woman." I mean she is the head of the school after all. There must be a hundred things that need done in the next two days.

"If you need anything just talk to Mr. Creedy. I'm sure you've already met him." She adds. I have the feeling his meeting me at the train was not an accident.

"Yeah, I should have figured running into him that many times wasn't normal." I shook my head and smiled to myself. She is definitely going out of her way to help me. "Thank you." I tell her and hurry down the stairs, only just catching her your welcome.

Madame Red ends up making a speech to all the gathered students about her expectations for the school year, and I hang around listening. Though none of it comes as a surprise to me. It all sounds just about right for her.

After she finishes there is a lot of applauding and cheering before everyone begins to disperse. Just as I'm getting ready to move out with the rest of the crowd a few ominous looking students step right in front of me.
"Saw you talking to Madame Red. You the one they talkin' about?" The one in front asks. He looks a bit like a greaser, but his eyes have a snake like appearance to them. Not only that, but he just has this dangerous feeling that sets me on edge.

"If I was?" I ask not cow towing to this brute.

"Than me and you are gonna have some problems." He gives me a particularly nasty grin. "Me and my friends here," he gestures to the three brutes behind him, "Will make your life very miserable." He leans in to say something else, but someone clears their voice behind me and they back off.

"Are we having any problems Mr. Myers?" Mr. Creedy's familiar voice says.

"No, no problems." the guy, Myers, says before walking off with his goons. I turn around to find Mr. Creedy watching them go.

"All ready making enemies I see." Mr. Creedy says, that amused expression on his face.

"It would appear so." Another voice says, though I don't know it. I see a young guy with electric blue hair come from the stairs. He's wearing along white trench coat with similar blue lining.

"Ah, good to see you Alex." Mr. Creedy says, his attention diverted from me. I just watch as the two hug. Something I wouldn't expect Mr. Creedy to do.

"Good to see you to Uncle Creedy." The blue haired kid, Alex, says. Though I guess Creedy being the kids uncle would make the hug seem a little more understandable.

"Nice to meet you, by the way." Alex says turning his attention back to me. "That fellow you just met has a problem with most the people around here. Though your probably on the top of his list right now." Alex chuckles. I just stare at him for a moment before saying anything.

"Why me particularly?" I turn my attention to comparing the two people before me. They do share some subtle facial features.

"Well other than he hates anyone close to Madame Red, he'll really be ticked to see you talking to me. He's had it out for me since our first year." Alex shrugs as if it's not big deal.

"I guess I'll leave you two alone. I should be keeping an eye on Stella." Mr. Creedy says with a disheartened sigh.

"Oh cheer up, she can't be that bad." Alex pats Mr. Creedy on the back.

"She so…" Mr. Creedy searches for a word. "Sunshiny. It makes me nauseous." He shakes his head an shuffles off towards the crowd of students still in the dinning hall.

"Well, I was going to thank him." I grumble disappointed I didn't get to say anything.

"He would have just told you it's his job." Alex shrugs and looks in the direction his uncle had gone.

"Yeah, that's what he told me the last two time I thanked him." I cross my arms in front of me holding the thick book to my chest.

"That's my uncle. He's so business like with everyone, and just hates emotional displays." Alex turns on me with a grin. Something tells me the two of them are opposites on that category. "By the way you joined a club yet?"

"A club?" I ask. "I haven't even sat down to eat and I'm being asked to join a club." I shake my head in disbelief. This place has such a quick tempo.

"Well than, join me and my friends at dinner and we'll discuss you joining our club." He offers. I only think about it for a moment.

"All right let me take this book back to my dorm, and I'll meet you wherever." I say. I guess I don't have much choice since I didn't ask where they sell food. Though I'd guess in the green houses, the dinning hall, or perhaps both.

"Okay, meet us back here. I'll have a few friends with me." He walks off and I head towards the door thinking how nice it was to already be making friends, and enemies. For some reason the hectic pace of the day just seems fitting, and definitely something I can get use to.

So I head back to my dorm thinking about who I might be eating dinner with.