"Hmm, you must have had quite the fall." A girls voice pierces into the shadows. "Well, are you alive?" She asks happily.

"What?" I groan and crack my eyes open.

At first all I can see is a vague shadowy figure, but it begins to clear up. A girl, maybe seventeen, is bent over me only a foot away from my own face. Her green eyes seem to sparkle and her long pony tail is hanging over one shoulder. A red ribbon with a bell ties it at the end.

Wait! Who is she? I sit up quickly and scoot a little way apart.

"I asked if you where okay?" She puts a finger on her temple and stands up with a jump. "Maybe not?" She tilts her head to one side and moves uncomfortably close. So close I can feel her body's warmth.

"What are you doing?" I try to pull away, but there's not much room to move.

"Making sure your okay, since you won't answer me." She grabs my head and pushes it down a little, apparently looking at the back of my head.

"Stop that." I pull away and try to get to my feet. Unfortunately my head swims and I stumble, falling flat on my ass. "Ow." I rub my back and sit there trying to steady my swimming head.

"See should have just let me look." The girl says grabbing my arm and hoisting me up on my feet. I notice she's wearing a plain knee length white dress. With a similar red ribbon to the one in her hair, holding the dress up.

"Thanks, I guess." I say looking away.

"No, problem. By the way, what's your name?" She asks stepping in front of me smiling, hands behind her back.

"My name?" What is my name? I try to think of it, but I can't remember it.

"Yeah, what people call you." She says.

"What people call me…" Suddenly a strong mans voice shouts a name in my head. DRADEN! Its so loud it makes my ears ring.

"Hey you okay?" She asks, looking concerned.

"It's Draden." I say looking at the ground between my feet. They're bare, and caked in dirt. Where have I been. I look at my clothes. Only a pair of pants, and a loose, dirtied, white tunic cover me.

"So, you do have a name." She laughs and dose a little spin. Her ponytail flying around her.

"Your weird." I just blurt out. Though she is weird, not that I don't like it. She's also pretty nice.

"Well at least I'm not weird looking." She sticks out her tongue. Weird looking? Am I weird looking? I don't really remember what I look like. Jeeze, I must have hit my head or something. Temporary Amnesia perhaps, or it could be long term. Wait, I know this sort of stuff?

"Hello, are you coming with?" She says a few feet down the dusty path we're on. It gets narrower as the gorge around us closes up. I finally notice my surroundings. A large brown and orange rock face rises on either side. The ground is dry and parched. The slightest wind is whipping up dust. I look back behind me to find a giant rock wall the only thing there.

"Are you coming or not?" She says impatiently hollering from farther down, nearly around the bend. I quickly turn my attention back to her and run to catch up.

"I didn't catch you name." I huff stopping to catch my breath.

"My name, oh well," She puts a finger on her chin like she did earlier. "it's Sin."

"Sin, what kind of name is that?" I ask. I mean who would expect a girl like this to be named Sin.

"Well, what kind of name is Draden?" She retorts and starts walking down the narrowed path, taking the corner. I stick close to her but keep looking at the surrounding bluff.

There are a few small niches in the rock, perhaps for some small animals. Than there's the occasional withered tree root hanging out of the rocks. Everything looks thirsty and devoid of life.

"I'll take you to see Grandpa! He runs the whole village!" She says spinning around again. "He'll know where your from, and I'll bet he'll know how you got around the Big Wall." She stops spinning.

"The Big Wall?" I ask. Though I'm fairly certain it's the large rock face blocking the entrance to this gorge.

"Yeah, it's this really big rock that no one can get around. So no one ever comes into the village, and we never get to see the other side." She stops and looks at me very excitedly. More than she already is.

"You've been on the other side! What's it like?" She asks practically tackling me.

"I don't know." I say trying to pry her off me.

"What do you mean you don't know?" She steps back with an odd face. Perhaps confusion.

"I don't remember." I says shaking my head. "I don't remember anything."

"Well I'm sure Grandpa can fix that!" She goes back to being happy go luck and hyper.