Authors Note: I'm SO sry I took so long to update!! I don't know why I didn't really feel like writing this story, but I had a random feeling of inspiration earlier soo…yeah, it took me forever to finish it! I was trying hard lol, please tell me what you think! I'm so sry I took long :D

I am so looking forward to history. Only for two reasons though. One, I get to see Roy because I have him for that class. Two, I heard there is a substitute for Mr. Lopez, my history teacher. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice-looking guy, blue eyes, blonde, tall and built, but he's a teacher. I don't know how students can hit on their teachers because it's disgusting. He could be twice your age or how about the fact that you can get expelled? It disgusts me. How do you know he isn't a rapist or something? Okay, I admit that one was a little too over the top, but you get my point. Back to Mr. Lopez, which I hope is not a rapist, he might be good-looking, but he spends all his time on the phone and the computer. When he does talk on the phone, he flirts A LOT. He never teaches and all he does is play stupid, little, un-educational videos. Seriously, they teach you nothing. It's always the same short guy with a puppet TRYING to be funny while TRYING to teach. Half the time, I don't even understand what he is saying! I think he has a speech problem, but if he has a speech problem then why would they put him to explain something? And I swear he looks like Patrick from that Nickelodeon show Sponge bob Square pants. He has a very, very long and kind of cone-shaped head with big eyes. There's this look he does every time he pauses in the middle of an explanation that looks just like Patrick's 'dumb, I don't understand what's going on' face. If he would just wear green and purple flowered shorts then he could pass as the real-life version of Patrick.

My little (step) brother is always watching Sponge bob, so you can imagine what I go through. I wake up to Sponge bob's annoying laugh every single morning. My brother's room is right next door to mine. He's really the best little brother ever and I love him to death, just not that pointless sponge he admires. He once dressed up as Sponge bob for Halloween and I don't know why he would want to look like a horrifyingly yellow, crater-filled sponge. My brother is already cute with his hazel eyes, ruffly brown hair, and good build. I mean, he's only nine and he has a bunch of girls that like him at school. The little pimp. As I approached my locker, Camila was waiting for me with someone. History is one of the two only classes I don't have with her.

"Hey best friend!" she squeaked. She's in a good mood today. I smiled at her then turned to her friend. No way.

"Oh sorry. This is Jenny. Jenny meet Kayley and Kayley meet Jenny," she introduced. The short, grey-eyed blonde held her hand out to me. When she noticed that I wouldn't shake her hand she let it drop to her side. Camila stared at me weirdly. There's no way she is the one who was moaning Adam's name when I interrupted their little 'session'. She seems so innocent and sweet, when in the bathroom she appeared slutty and nasty. It was weird, but I didn't like her for some reason. Like, seeing her face made me angry and want to turn the other way. I'm not jealous because there's nothing to be jealous of. She's pretty, but it's not like she has something that I want. She doesn't. I feel weird.

"I got to…go to class…See you later," I muttered and walked away. I was planning on getting my binder for history, but I guess I don't need it since there will be a substitute. I don't want to walk back over there anyways and that feeling I got was just way too odd for me to want to experience it again. I walked in to my class and smiled at the sight of Roy. Now, the feeling I get when I see him is so much better than the one I got a few minutes ago. Luckily, I sit somewhat close to him. I noticed him glance at me when I sat down from the corner of my eye.

"Hey," he whispered. I began playing with my hands, which is a habit for me when I feel nervous. I looked up at him.

"Hi," with a big smile.

"Where were you at lunch?" he asked casually. Oh my gosh, he noticed that I wasn't at lunch! I hope I'm not blushing. No wait, what am I talking about?! I don't blush! Wow he gets me nervous. He gives me butterflies. He's so cute. I like his shirt; it's brown, just like his eyes. His amiable, almost hazel eyes. Maybe I should answer him.

"I had to do some work for…some…um…teacher," I am such a moron! If I did blush, my face would be crimson.

"Okay class, pass up the homework," Mr. Lopez, who wasn't supposed to be here, announced. I was too caught up in Roy to notice he was here and there wasn't a clueless substitute standing up there instead. I quickly turned towards the front of the class and tried not to stare at Roy. Then I realized that I didn't have my binder. Great. I hope you realized how sarcastic that was.

"No homework Kristina?" Mr. Lopez asked as he passed by my desk. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"No. My name is Kayley by the way," I corrected.

He just continued picking up the homework, which he will not read or review. He doesn't waste his time on it. It's only if you did it, it's an A and if you didn't, then it's an F. Yeah, he must be so stressed when he goes home. I guess that's a good thing if you do your homework. I do. I'm a great student and I try my best in all my classes, but sometimes math kills me. I could have straight A's and one C in math on my report card. It's really annoying.

"Wow, you don't have your homework?" Roy questioned. I turned to see he didn't have his either. I love it when he talks to me, I really do.

"You don't have it either," I replied mockingly.

"I thought there was a sub," he shrugged his shoulders casually.

"Same here," I nodded and turned my attention to the front of the class where Mr. Lopez was setting up the screen so he could play a video. What did I tell you? Now I have to bore myself to death watching some wanna-be Patrick kid and a failure of a comedic show with an ugly puppet. Looking around in an attempt to entertain myself, I saw a paper ball fly onto my desk. I turned my body so, I could see Roy and he was pretending to be interested in the video. I know he's pretending because every other time Mr. Lopez plays videos he's never paying attention. He's usually text messaging, drawing, or talking, but never watching these stupid videos. The only people who watch the videos are the nerds sitting at the front looking all attentive-like. I opened the note and it read:

what are you doing friday night?


I smiled and almost let out a squeal. He's finally going to ask me out. YES! I should probably write back now. I wrote and threw it back at him trying to hide my smile. I tried to sit patiently in my seat while he wrote back. It felt like forever before the paper ball landed on my desk again.

what are you doing friday night?


not much why?

i was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie together…?

I bit my lip to refrain from screaming my lungs out. He asked me out! This is the best class I've ever had of history in my life. I wrote back, the smile never leaving my face. It's so obvious I said yes. Why wouldn't I? Mr. Lopez passed by my desk and stopped at Roy's.

"What's this? A love note?" he questioned and opened the note. Out of all the days, this is the day he decides to not talk on the phone! He read it out loud. I sunk down in my chair. I hate being put on the spot. When he was finished everyone made immature sounds at Roy and me.

"What can I say? I like Kayley Sanchez. She's the most beautiful girl in the school and I'm glad she agreed to go out with me," he said this staring right at me with his beaming smile. Today has to be officially the best day ever.

I told my parents I'd be spending the night at Camila's tonight. I technically was, so I don't think you could consider it a lie. I was just not going to stay home and watch movies; instead Camila and I are going on a double date! It's genius, I know. Since my parents aren't too fond of boys, then I tell them I'm going to be at her house and they never find out about the date. Even if her parents were to tell my parents that we went to the movies, they would never know we went with guys because they're meeting us there. At least my parents let me go to the mall with a friend and no adult supervision because they're so protective. I get it, I'm not old enough for sex, blah, blah, but can I at least have a boyfriend? Jeez, I don't know why they think I'm going to have sex every time I have a boyfriend. I'm not sure if I should take it as an insult or that they're just trying to be careful. I'm not stupid enough to have sex at this age anyways. They have such trust in me. Sarcasm.

"Should I wear this?" Camila asked me wearing a green blouse with white flowers at the edge coming up. It was pretty, but then again so were the last three shirts she tried on. She gets so indecisive with these types of things. Not to mention nervous because then she starts thinking about accidentally saying something stupid or tripping over her own feet. She worries about it way too much. I'm always telling her this, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't assist her in any way. She always makes a fuss about dates, guys, and school. For example, if she is doing a project for school she has to go looking super cute because when she presents all the attention is going to be on her and she's worried about that one little hair that's going to be out of place or that little stain she might get on her brand new shirt. Sometimes she won't eat just so that she won't dirty her shirt or pants, or whatever. Besides that, she'll study what she's going to say a million and one times, and then somehow she'll end up messing up during the presentation. It sucks. She just gets really nervous when she's in the limelight. Her lips are always torn because she bites them when she's nervous.

"The last twenty shirts you tried on were perfectly fine!" I exclaimed throwing my hands up in the air. She looked at me uneasily.

"You look fine. Put on your white flats and brush your hair one last time and let's go! We're already late," I said shaking my head. She smiled and brushed her hair. A few minutes later, we were on our way to the mall. She was driving me insane in the car. She was going on her first date as well, with this kid Justin. He's on the football team and in our science class. It turns out; he likes Camila and has wanted to ask her out for a while now. Camila was surprised because she usually doesn't get hit on by popular, football players. She's more of the quiet and reserved type in class, but apparently Justin likes that. He seems like a nice, decent, well-mannered, non-piggish guy, but then again they all seem like that at first. Of course, Camila likes him. He's not bad looking. He has brown eyes, brown, ruffly hair and he's tan with a good build.

"Stop, you're not going to embarrass yourself and he's going to have a great time with you. You need to relax!" I tried to calm her down. She was destroying her lips by now because we were turning in to the parking lot. I rolled my eyes and figured there was no point in trying to calm her down. Her mom dropped us off and let us know that we had to be home by eleven. Her mom is so flexible with these things, I love it. I spotted them and Camila had a heart attack. We walked up to them and they met us halfway. Roy is wearing a brown polo shirt, jeans, and brown vans. He's always wearing brown, maybe it's his favorite color. Brown is sort of a yucky color though.

"Hi," I smiled.

"You look really nice," he smiled back. Okay, breathe, and relax. Oh, he's so sweet. Camila started talking to Justin. We all walked to get our tickets.

"What movie are we going to see?" I asked. I looked at all the movie titles. Roy shrugged his shoulders and so did Justin.

"Whatever you guys want," Justin said. His voice was surprisingly soft. With his gigantic muscles you would think he would have a deep voice, but it was soft. Not squeaky and high-pitched, but not incredibly deep neither. Right in between. I glanced at Camila and she shrugged. Great, is this all up to me?

"How about Triple Shot 3?" I suggested secretly hoping they would say no, but they all agreed. Camila didn't say anything because she knows I hate action movies, but the guys agreed, so Triple Shot 3 it is. I only suggested it because nothing else seemed interesting. I already saw all the scary movies. Camila and I come a lot. I force her to watch scary movies with me, but she despises them. We went to the theater where the movie was playing and the guys went to go get us popcorn and soda. Camila wasn't going to eat and I think she made a good choice because she'd probably puke. Halfway through the movie, I noticed two people making their way to the empty seats to my left. I groaned because now I'd have to deal with them talking and moving around in their seats. When they reached us, I was in shock.

"Adam?" I questioned. Some people shushed me. He sat down next to me and Jenny sat to his left. Jenny. Oh, they're on a date…I get it. For some weird reason, I felt disappointed and betrayed, but I pushed those awkward feelings out.

"Hey!" he shouted and some more people shushed him. Him and his loud self. Him and I started getting along after I practically spilled my guts out to him, so I didn't mind his company. Roy was being a little quiet anyways. I'm sure he's just into the movie. Roy glanced at him, made a face, and then turned his attention back to the movie.

"What are you doing here?" I asked silently. He pointed towards Jenny. Oh yeah, almost forgot she was there. She was watching the movie. Her hair was a little messed up and her skirt was turned sideways. I analyzed Adam's clothes out of curiosity. His polo shirt had a few buttons unbuttoned messily and it was wrinkled.

"Come from a make out session?" I questioned with a smirk on my face.

"Shut up," he murmured and chuckled. I rolled my eyes trying to ignore that same weird feeling I got when I first met Jenny at school. Unwillingly, I turned my attention back to the movie and prepared myself for the whole other hour I would have to sit here enduring men stabbing each other with small knives and random gunshots going through their heads. I absolutely hate guns, but I think you could figure out why. Adam told me he loved guns, so I'm guessing action is his favorite type of movie. He says he goes with his dad to the shooting range and everything. I didn't like that too much, but who cares what I say? It's his life anyways.

"That guy can't shoot a gun for shit! He looks like he's trying to get his finger unstuck from the trigger or something. I mean come on if you're going to star in an action film at least look like you can shoot a gun. Psh, actors," he commented. I just stared at him and laughed. Here we go with his random mumbling. It's the most cut- I'm going to stop myself before I finish that sentence.

"Did you see his face when he was falling off? He looked constipated," he started cracking up at his own joke. Oh Adam. I shook my head.

"I can't believe that guy just died like that. Goodnight sucker! Do you want a little blanket to go with that coward personality of yours?" Adam whispered. He does this all the time. He just randomly rambles about stuff. It's hilarious. I giggled. He gets really into these things, I've noticed.

"How could he just let the girl go like that!? He's crazy, she's hot! Now he's never going to see her again. Shame, shame," he shook his head and I laughed. By the end of the movie, my stomach hurt because Adam wouldn't stop making these random, funny comments. He actually made an action movie entertaining for me. You have to be real talented to do that. I walked out with Adam and completely forgot that I was on a date with Roy. He was just so quiet, I forgot he was there. He caught up with us, as well as Camila and Justin. Someone's cell phone rang. It was Roy's, he answered it.

"What happened?" he talked into the phone.

"No mom, I can't right now. I know that, but…Yes, I understand but what I'm trying to say is that…Can you just…Fine, bye." he finished and looked up at me. I held his hand.

"Is everything okay?" I asked sweetly. He took in a deep breath.

"Yeah, I just have to leave early. My mom needs me to help her with something." He said lowly.

"Well, it's okay. I'll see you at school?" I responded. He nodded and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He said bye to everyone else and left. I went back to everybody. I would've told Roy that I had a good time, but the truth is I was kind of disappointed. He wasn't really very talkative, but I guess Roy's just not that type of person. It was probably just that he was really into the movie and forgot about everything else. That happens to me when I'm watching scary movies, but I'm sure if we would have been at the park or eating dinner that he would've been talking and making me laugh. He usually does at school. Sometimes…

"That movie was good, but the guy shouldn't have left the girl at the end," Adam shook his head.

"Oh please, I'm sure you would've left her at the end," I joked.

"What? No way." Adam responded.

"You would've had your way with her and left her. Make her fall in love with you then dump her," I stated. I knew Jenny was there as his date and that was probably not the best thing to say, but for some strange reason I didn't care. I didn't want to be polite to her. I didn't want her here. Again with the weird feeling. Ugh.

"Why would you think I would do that? Why do you think I'm that type of guy?" he questioned. He looked serious, but I know him and he isn't being serious.

"Because you're such a flirt and stuff," I replied. He looked like he was dying to laugh.

"Oh really and who exactly do I flirt with?" he asked coming closer to me. Oh no.

"I don't know…everyone," I smirked.

"How? Like this?" he said, but before I could answer he was already chasing me. I ran and hid behind a cell phone stall. All of a sudden, he grabbed me from behind my waist and pulled me into him. He held me tight against him and whispered huskily in my ear, "Like this?"

"No," It wasn't until I spoke that I realized I was breathing so hard. His husky voice made me feel tingly and nervous. I closed my eyes and focused on Roy not him. He spun me around then he cornered me against the wall. We were kind of far from our friends now. It was late so the mall was kind of empty. We were all alone, but somehow I felt safe with him. He moved his face until it was mere inches from mine.

"Like this?" he asked the same question in the same husky voice. He needs to change his voice back to normal before I lose it. He stared into my eyes and I couldn't move. Why is he doing this and why am I reacting this way? He's on a date with Jenny and I was on a date with Roy…we're not on a date with each other. It feels like it. No, what am I saying? He's just trying to prove a point. He isn't actually flirting, he doesn't think of me that way. Duh, Kayley. I was freaking out for no reason. I heard Jenny's soft, high-pitched voice calling his name and shut my eyes. Adam stayed for a few seconds longer before finally going back. I went back as well with my mind spinning. What just happened?