A/N- These are quotes from a few friends of mine. Because of my sucker memory, I forgot to put heaps, so as soon as I can remember I'll type more down and put them in another chapter. (And of course names have been changed. One of them became Bob-The-Rock, or BTR.)

Lea- *Staring at the ceiling, where there are three light bulbs of different colours.* Heaven comes in three colours…

Me- A wise man once said, 'Heaven, like ice-cream, comes in many different colours and flavours.

Lea- He was wise no more.

BTR- Somewhere, deep, deep, DEEP down, you are smart.

Me- Too bad you'll never get there.

BTR and I were walking back from science one day.

Me- You know… I just realised… bananas smell weird.

BTR- Nah. No sh*t, man. Damn, you're slow.

While discussing how… we don't really like Twilight.

Hana- *Imitating Edward… or not.* I'm on drugs. Kiss me.

Random girl- *Walks past, staring at us weirdly.*

Randomly, in the middle of I forgot which class- (We weren't doing anything)

Me- ... Shplott.

In math, learning about polygons-

Teacher- A polygon has a what and a what? Kate?

Me- *Looking through Lea's blazer pocket (she keeps tissues and her glasses in the same place!).* *Looks up* A what?

Lea- *Rubbing her head after BTR hit her over the head with her books.* You know, once you think about it, randomness hurts…

Me- *Reading a wedding invitation* 'Monetary gifts are appreciated'… hehe… yeah… hint hint.

Emily- MUAHAHA *Cough* HAHA*Cough* HAHAHA! *Doubles over in coughing fit.* Urgh… never try an evil laugh when you have a sore throat…

While a teammate was coming up with a speech-

Me- A good speech comes from the heart, through the language filter and out the mouth.

Lea- Am I right, or am I right? Of course I'm right. I'm always right.

BTR- I just feel like doing this. *Hits me over the head with her books.*

An un-rhyming poem I once wrote-

Whenever I do something,
And I feel proud of it,
You guys come along,
And make me feel like…

(An un-rhyming poem, by Dragon-Rider II)

BTR- Glad we make you feel that way.

Lea- *Laughs*

| _ | | _ | 'LINES'

| | | | | | | | A work of art by

| | | |_| | | | Dragon-Rider II

Lea- You have no idea how wrong that looks…

Me- … Damn you.

(If you don't get this, keep your innocence.)

A friend asked for my measurements because she wanted to get me something for my birthday.

Me- I couldn't find any paper, so… *Holds out a block of wood with measurements written on it.*

Emily- What the-? Dude man, you're going old school!

Lea- No. Toby, son of Toshiba, is friends with Bob. Just friends, ok? My electronics aren't gay.

(Toby's her computer and Bob's her keyboard.)

BTR- *Writes on a piece of paper* SEX! Now I have your attention, let's talk about penguins.

Lea- Run, fat boy, RUN! Wooh, look at him go! Hehe, look at his wee little legs WOBBLE!

Emily- Oh, hey! Funny moment! *Pauses* Uuh… lost it.

In math-

Teacher- This is not a coffee place. This is a classroom.

Lea- *Pulls out supposedly-lost glasses (we were suffering without them, you see).*

Me- *Stares at glasses in awe* What the hell?