Am I updating on time?

I think I'm updating on time.



And I'm almost finished my sport homework, which means I WILL BE FREE TO WATCH HSITORY/BIOLOGY/MATH VIDEOS is something you don't hear very often.

I gotta update WAHC tomorrow. I've barely started the chapter.

Oh no.
(On the plus side, I wrote this in only a couple of days. :D)

Walking out of the library:

Doc: You know what I want to read? Les Miserables.

Lea: Yeah, I want to read Les Miserables too! I saw that movie and I absolutely loved it –

Doc: Wait, I always pronounced it 'Les Miserables' (with the 's's)! Damn it! I don't do French!

Discussing a 'What Not to Do in a Horror Movie' video for IT:

Em: Okay, and we need killer clothes… And I'm not talking fashion. I'm talking murder clothes.

In class:

La classmates: Hey, Chicken! You have big feet! And do you know what we say about people who have big feet?! They have big earlobes!

Chicken: Dem lobes, huh?!

A classmate filming a short 'I love my friend' video:

Classmate: She's the apple to my pie, the straw to my berry.

Em: The nail to my toe.

Em: I love Friends.

Doc: Aww.

Em: No, not you. The show.

Tall: *Reading a paranormal romance, and mentions that there are trolls which wear jewellery.*

Doc: I swear, one day, and probably not too far from now, there's gonna be this author who will make trolls hot like they did to vampires and werewolves.

Em: Yeah. *Mentions this to Tall*

Tall: It's already happened in this book. *Holds book up*

Em: … *Cautiously* Is the troll hot?

Tall: Yeah.

Em: Is the troll the love interest?

Tall: Yeah.

Doc: What has the world come to?!

Em and Doc, reading the blurb of said book.

Doc: Wait, the mysterious hot guy just –

Em: Just showed up at her bedroom window, yeah.

Doc: What the hell.

Em: If someone did that to me, I'd just be like, 'Lol, cops!' *Pretends to flip out mobile* But what I would do. *Mimes picking up pillow* Brick them with my pillow!

Em: *Continuing rant* I mean, if they're already together and he shows up at her bedroom window –

Doc: With a box of chocolates in the pouring rain.

Em: With a box of chocolates, yeah, I'll pass that, because they're together and chocolates. But when it's a mysterious hot guy –

Doc: With no chocolates.

Em: With no chocolates, then I'd call the police!

Math class:

Teacher: When I was young I thought I'd use all these new methods of teaching, but I've just given up. I go with the textbook.

Em: Sir, what were these methods like?

Doc: *Mimes flipping table*

Em: Did they involve flipping tables? Threatening students? *Finger gun* *Lowers voice* You wanna think about your family before you answer that question?

Humanities class. Doc has finished her work, and is resting her head on table.

Doc: *Minding her own business, resting head on table.

La teacher: *Hits Doc's head with ruler*

Doc: *Mutters*

Em: If you were anyone else, she would've mauled your hands nicely. *Shows almost-two-week-old fingernail marks (deservingly) earned when trolling Doc's FictionPress account*

Doc: *Lifts head off book* They're more than a week old.

La teacher: Oh, I've got some too. *Shows painful-looking red scratches on forearm* I got them from my cat. He's so cute!

At the museum for an excursion (our first in two years). Remember: Preps = 5 years old.

Doc: Aww, look at those preps. They're so cute.

Em: I remember when people would've said that about us. But you reach a certain age where no-one finds you cute anymore. Like, they're probably just looking at us like, 'Delinquents! Delinquents! Get away from them!'

Our school is weird and groups grades six to twelve together in the one campus.

Em: *Marches into class* Those year sixes. I hate them. You know what I want to do? I want to set a bomb in their building. And kill them all.

Doc: *Stares*

Em: They're so annoying! They're just so – AARGH! You just want to strangle them! *Rants about disagreeable idiots*

Doc: *Stares*

Em: … Wait. Your brother's a year six. Umm… we'll put him in a safe zone. But only him.

Next day: (Smiggle, if you didn't know, is a stationary shop.)

Em: I hate Smiggle. All their things are so bad and they sell them for ridiculous prices!

Doc: Uuh… My pencil case is from Smiggle.

Em: God damn it! Why do I always do this?!

Doc: No, I swear! Everything in Smiggle sucks, but your pencil case… uuh… it's okay.

Em: *Drinking Vimto* Soft drink commercial time! Would you like some Vimto?! *Thrusts bottle out* Turns head to side and starts drinking*

Doc: Well too bad, because I already drank it!

Cutlery would be a metal spoon and fork and a plastic knife.

Em: *Moves to side*

Pocket: *Clanking*

Doc: Did something fall? I think I heard something fall.

Em: Oh, nah. It's just… *Pulls cutlery out of pocket* My cutlery.

Middle of Humanities class:

Doc: *Pulls plastic spoon out of pocket* *Bangs fists on table* Be ready to feast.

Em: Wait… *Pulls out aforementioned cutlery* I am ready.

In the library:

Lea and Roxy: *Flipping through a magazine* *Sees two people dancing*

Lea: Oooh… She better be married.

BTR: *Looks over* He better be married too.

Lea: They should both be married.

Doc: To each other.

Doc: *Staring at window* You know, once I didn't want to do my religion homework so let's just say that now I know how to count in Old English. … *Blinks* Why am I so weird?

And that's all for this (and next) (and possibly more) week, folks! :D

(And yes, I totally taught myself how to count in Old English.)